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Get Them to Really Read It: 5 Tips for a More Enticing Personal Blog


You have a personal blog. You might even update it on occasion. But you can’t be sure that anyone actually reads it.

Is there anything to be done about it? Or is your blog destined to the same fate as millions of other “weblogs,” as they used to be known: forgotten, dormant, 404’ed?

Not if you have anything to say about it. You got into this whole blogging thing because you like what you read and observed on popular blogs written by your friends, colleagues, mentors, and perhaps celebrity inspirations. They are clearly doing something right. And so can you.

To answer your next question, yes. Yes, you are up to the task. Get started today by following these five tips to create a more interesting personal blog that people actually want to read.

1. Learn How to Become a Better Blogger From the Experts

This tip is easy: learn from the best. This blogging guide from Neil Patel is a good place for the uninitiated to begin.

2. Feature Links to Other Media You’ve Done

Use your blog to promote media appearances and guest writing you’ve done elsewhere, especially appearances and writing that portray you in a good light. For a good example of how this looks, see tech investor Kris Duggan’s personal blog. One recent post includes a link to a podcast Duggan did on a subject he clearly knows well.

3. Update Your Blog Frequently, Publishing Shorter Posts When You Must

Aim to publish unique content on your blog at least once every week. You can probably do even better than this. If it helps, publish shorter posts more frequently (on your lunch break if you must).

4. Optimize For Organic Search

It’s not necessarily the case that a search-optimized blog is a reader-friendly blog. However, no one disputes that a search-optimized blog is more likely to be read. If your keywords do their jobs, they’ll draw potential readers from search engine results pages to your blog’s pages, where the other tips in this article will — hopefully — keep them in place. 

5. Emphasize Image Quality

Back in the old days, blogging really was only about writing. There literally wasn’t bandwidth for anything else. But now times have changed and your blog must change along with them. Your posts should have high-quality images, screenshots, videos, or infographics every third or fourth paragraph. Without them, your readers might not stick around for very long.

(Blogging) Practice Makes Perfect

It’s said that practice makes perfect. This saying applies to basically any routine activity, be it playing sports, doing one’s job, parenting — anything.

It also applies to writing, and specifically to blogging. How could it not? Blogging is something that, if you take tip number three to heart, you do every week. At least. Maybe close to every day.

Make the most of all that blogging. Practice your skills. Hone your craft. Be a model for other aspiring bloggers, just as the bloggers who came before you stood as models for your own blogging aspirations. 

Who knows what you’ll learn along the way? Besides how to make a blog people actually want to read, of course.