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GetResponse, MailChimp & AWeber – Which is Better?


Are you an online marketer who would like to get quality targeted traffic? How did you optimize your business website to attract more visitors? I assume that you’re familiar with well-known marketing techniques like Social Media Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, and Forum marketing to drive targeted audience but how will you retain them?

Yes, it can be done by Email Marketing! Every internet marketer could expand their reach on the web and build a strong relationship with the website visitors through Email marketing. However, how will you launch an effective email marketing campaign?

You need two things for it! One is an active email list, and another is the email marketing service provider to send updates to your subscribers.

Many internet marketing beginners ignore the importance of list building (building an active email list of subscribers) as they unaware that they could considerably increase their profits with it.

Providing the valuable information for your site visitors and promoting it through social networks would help you in growing your email list. But if you use a reliable email marketing platform to create landing pages and opt-in forms for your business website, then no one could stop you in getting loyal readers who would never hesitate to come back to your business website regularly.

There are plenty of email marketing services available in the internet market but choosing the best one would nudge your first-time visitors to subscribe to your email list. Then you would enjoy the great engagement with your subscribers and get sales/profit increase.

To help you in selecting a superior Email marketing service, I’m going to compare the main features of the three renowned tools, GetResponse, MailChimp and Aweber through this post. Personally, I’ve used MailChimp and Aweber across my various projects last year and recently I gave GetResponse a try.
getresponse-mailchimp-aweber-which-is-better Let’s compare the main features of these three vibrant email marketing tools now!

GetResponse Vs MailChimp Vs Aweber

1. Templates

You can get more than 500 ready to use, mobile responsive templates from GetResponse. These designs fall into different categories, and thus you can find a suitable one according to your industry/niche.

MailChimp gives more than 300 dazzling email templates under various categories. They all are mobile responsive too. You may also create your own template from MailChimp.

Aweber also offers a range of responsive templates (more than 600) suitable for your business industry.

You could establish your brand with all the designs of these three email marketing tools because they are rich in visuals, designs and mobile responsive as well.

Winner – Draw

2. Split Testing

Split testing in GetResponse can be turned on while creating the new message and it is a simple process where you can test up to five variants. You’ll also be getting the “Send best message automatically” option to send the messages to your subscribers after doing the spit tests.


In MailChimp, you need to create a campaign to perform split tests with three variants like subject header, names and delivery time. You have to choose the contact list after setting the test conditions.

The split testing section of Aweber would let you configure the test conditions and emails that need to be test. Then, the email drafts will be created to edit and schedule the best result.

In email marketing, doing split testing is an essential task to send out the greatest chance of being opened and read emails to your subscribers. If we compare the split testing features of all the three email marketing software, GetResponse has uncomplicated split testing process and advanced options as well.

Winner – GetResponse

3. Email Creation

You can easily customize the email campaign in GetResponse through its drag & drop editor. It is also possible to edit the images and content blocks according to the need of your subscribers. Besides, creating & setting the opt-in forms (to collect the emails) is very easy in GetResponse, and you may add social sharing buttons as well.


MailChimp has an attractive user interface with easy to use options to build emails. You can select the type of email you want to send, but creating and configuring the email opt-ins will take some time, as you need to follow some steps to finish.

Like the other two email services, you can quickly create the emails through drag & drop editor in Aweber, and you can split test them. Here, the content blocks are fixed and you have to follow a three-step process to set up an opt-in form.

There is not much difference between the functionalities of these three email creators since they all use the simple drag & drop editor, but GetResponse and MailChimp have better options to create attractive emails.

Winner – GetResponse & MailChimp

4. Auto Responder

GetResponse has powerful autoresponder to keep your subscribers engaged all the time. Having time-based autoresponder is its unique feature, and you can enable the “Time travel” option to send the messages according to your mail readers’ time zone. Thus, it would increase your email open rates. Not only these, GetResponse offer some advanced features in the auto responder, and its settings are straightforward.


Mail Chimp supports auto-responding features, but you have to create, verify and activate the automation workflow. Then, the workflow has to be linked with the contacts to send the automatic messages.

The “Follow-up series” is the auto-responding feature of Aweber where you can access it from the main navigation, but here you couldn’t find any advanced autoresponder options.

It is precise that the GetResponse has excellent autoresponders!

Winner – GetResponse

5. Support

The support team of GetResponse can be contacted from Monday to Friday but not on Saturday and Sunday.

MailChimp offers live chat and email support for its users, but they are not giving the phone support.

The Aweber support team is available on all seven days of the week (fewer hours on weekends), and US callers can get a toll free number.

All the three email marketing service providers offers excellent customer support, but Aweber has 24 X 7 email support.

Winner – AWeber


Email marketing is an effective way to advertise your business product or service on the web. Here you can create an everlasting relationship with your customers and increase your profits/sales. However, you should be careful in choosing the best email service providers to inspire the interest of your audience, so that they will read your email messages without fail.

Hopefully, I’ve convinced you to build an effective email list to succeed in your online business and suggest getting a reliable email marketing tool to target your audience and improve your brand awareness.

From the above comparison, you can see that the GetResponse is superior to its rivals in the features like autoresponder, split testing and email creation. Even if you compare the pricing plans, GetResponse is cheaper than the MailChimp & Aweber. Therefore, I recommend GetResponse to give a try for your business growth.

What do you think about this comparison between GetResponse, MailChimp and Aweber? Which tool are you using to send the latest updates for your subscriber? Share your experience in the comment section.