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HLTV Ratings Topped by Evil Geniuses


The North American powerhouse Evil Geniuses have definitely had smooth sailing in the highest echelons of competitive video gaming. First, they have long kept their title for the defining Dota 2 team. But now, they are on the top of the world in HLTV’s ratings as the best Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO) squad out there.

The mans with the big guns have topped one of the most important and statistically relevant platforms out there, and that success feels deserved. To maintain their form, they have relied on a mix of constant practice, love for the game, and adding a few rookies to strengthen and reinvigorate their team.

Other Contenders

All in all, it’s a feat that Astralis – the Danish super powerhouse in CS:GO –  can envy and rightly so. If you want to bet on CSGO, we suggest to keep EG in your cross-hair, because this is not just a one-off feat for them. The team has established itself as the defining squad throughout the years and it’s definitely easy to see how they have got here.

Throughout the years they have had their lows and highs. Winning the StarSeries i-League 8, though has really brought them the points they needed to be perched at the top of the competitive world. They have a good lead on Astralis (876) with 906 points. Fnatic, of course comes third.

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Staying At The Top

The big question about Evil Geniuses now, though, is whether they can hold on to their hard-won first place. The BLAST Series Copenhagen will definitely pose a few challenges of its own, as Astralis is the most likely winner there, overcoming a big field of contestants and very, very likely overtaking EG.

Yet, if there’s one thing that we have learned from the current ratings, that’s EG has always been a powerhouse in esports and that’s unlikely to change in the slightest. Good luck to EG in their upcoming endeavors.