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How A Giffgaff 4G Signal Booster Can Help You


Does your Giffgaff signal leave something to be desired? If so, you should check out our line of 4G signal boosters specially designed to boost Giffgaff mobile coverage. Giffgaff uses the United Kingdom’s O2 network. A 4G signal booster is used to boost Giffgaff and other UK mobile signals to provide you with crystal clear calls and increased 3G and 4G data signal. Whether you are looking for a signal booster for your home or your office, our complete range of Giffgaff signal boosters can help.

Understanding Giffgaff

Giffgaff was created in 2009 as one of the UK’s O2 Network resellers. Giffgaff uses O2 Network towers to broadcast mobile signals throughout the United Kingdom for mobile calls and cellular data services. Gifgaff uses the same frequency as others on the O2 Network, including Tesco, Sky, Lyca Mobile and more. Although numerous awards, including the “which?” and “MVNO”, has been won, there are still gaps in coverage across the UK for both voice and 4G data connections. This is where a 4G signal booster can help. Mobile Repeater UK has developed a signal booster that addresses every known signal problem. These 4G Giffgaff signal boosters have been designed and developed to provide you with better reception to ensure that you have a problem-free cellular reception experience.

How Does Giffgaff 4G Signal Boosters Work?

The Mobile Repeater’s Giffgaff signal boosters are made up of four parts including:

  • The Amplifier

This component that boosts the Giffgaff signal that is received from the exterior antenna.

  • The Exterior Antenna

This component gathers the signal from cell phone towers and sends the signal to the amplifier.

  • The Indoor Rebroadcasting Antenna

This component sends the boosted signal throughout your home or office.

  • 10 Meters of Coaxial Cables

These components work together to boost both voice and data (3G and 4G) connections to enhance your cellular connections. Additionally, these signal boosters do not need WiFi connections to function.

What Causes Poor Mobile Signals?

There are several issues that can cause mobile signals to be weak. Oftentimes, the materials used in a building can degrade mobile signals, making them virtually unusable. The metal and other materials that are found within a building can prevent cell signals from travelling through the building, resulting in poor or nonexistent signal strength. This is why you can go outside and be able to make a call. Mobile Repeater UK understands that you do not want to go outside to make a call or use your mobile’s data service. With the Giffgaff 4G signal booster, your mobile service’s signal will be boosted. The 4G signal booster’s antenna will gather weak mobile signals and boost them so that you have amazing signal strength throughout your home or office.

In addition to building materials interfering with mobile signals, the 02 Network has dead zones where signals are weak outdoors as well as indoors. In these areas, the mobile signal strength is typically weak (1 to 2 bars) outdoors. When you head inside, the mobile signal completely degrades, preventing any phone calls from being made. If this situation is happening in your home or office, we have the answer – the Giffgaff 4G mobile signal booster.

How to Find the best Giffgaff Signal for Your Home or Office

There are different types of mobile signal boosters on the market, which means you need to know how to find the best one to suit your unique needs. Signal boosters are categorized based on building size as well as the frequency that your mobile networks run on. Therefore, the first step is to determine the total square meters of your home or office. Our line of Giffgaff mobile repeaters is based on the square footage of your home or office. We have models for homes or offices as small as 250 square meters to models that will deliver strong mobile signals across 5000 square meters. We have mobile solutions for mobile homes, office buildings, vehicles and even boats.

Giffgaff’s voice calls use an 1800 MHz band and 4G connections use 1800/2600 MHz bands. You will see that our line of Giffgaff signal boosters use these exact frequencies to ensure you can receive crystal clear calls and blazing fast internet speeds. Because the boosters match frequencies, you can use them for numerous networks, including Vodafone, EE, O2 and Orange as well as other mobile networks to ensure that you can receive signals in your home or office.

Tips for Mobile Repeaters (Signal Boosters)

Using an outdoor antenna and aiming it in the correct direction can improve the performance of your signal booster. A directional donor antenna allows you to improve signal clarity by pointing the antenna towards the nearest cell tower. Donor antennas also have an internal gain that is measured in dBi. This helps to improve the effectiveness of your signal booster. If the cell signal outdoors is weak, an outdoor antenna featuring a high gain can help to improve the system’s signal, thus helping to improve coverage indoors.

Custom Designed Giffgaff Signal Boosters

If you have a large home or office, Mobile Repeater UK recommends that you use a custom built solution. All of our 4G signal booster solutions are CE certified. We have done extensive surveys both before and after installation to ensure that our line of 4G signal booster solutions fulfils all of our customers’ needs. If you have a multi-story building, a building larger than 5000 square meters like a hospital, an apartment complex, an office building or a warehouse, contact our team of mobile phone signal booster experts to help you determine the best system based on your unique needs. Then, we will install your custom signal booster solution so you can begin getting the cell network signal that you have always wanted.

Mobile Repeater UK Customer Service

Our customer service professionals love to speak with customers just like you and are eagerly anticipating your call. Whether you have a question that you need to be answered, a testimonial that you want to share or have a problem to report, we are here for you and offer several different methods to get in touch with us.  You can call us at the number listed below, use our chat feature on our website or send us an email. For the fastest service, we recommend using our chat feature that will contact you with one of our team members. Contact us today to determine which Giffgaff repeater will work best for you. Don’t forget to ask about our 15-day money back guarantee when you contact us.