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How An Email Verifier Contributes To The Success Of Your Email Marketing Campaign


When you send out a marketing email, reaching your audience is the most important step of the process. No matter how good your email is, if it doesn’t land in your subscribers’ inboxes, it returns no value. The best way to ensure your blasts end up in genuine email addresses is to use an email verifier or an email checker as they are also known

We all fill up subscription forms, mention our preferences and agree to receiving certain newsletters. But sometimes, we make a typo and we don’t sign up with a valid email address. If the platform we’re registering on doesn’t use double opt-in, it loses a lead with every typo. An email verifier prevents such things to happen, through an email verification API. Also, it can clean email addresses in bulk. All you have to do is upload your email list in the system and you get it back clean and safe to use.

Why it’s important to use an email verifier

Your sending reputation is one of the essential factors that determine the success of your email marketing campaigns. If you have many invalid and risky leads in your email list, your reputation is tarnished, and your email deliverability suffers. Your blasts are not going to reach their target, and you will have spend money and time creating them in vain.

Here is how an email verifier saves the day:

  • It reduces your bounce rate

Your mail is likely to bounce if the email address is not correct or not in use. The email verfiier is helpful in filtering out inactive email addresses from your list. The reason your emails bounce lies in the status of the address you’re sending to. It may have been abandoned by the account holder. Also, your subscriber may have made a typo when they were trying to sign up for your newsletter. Thus, when you send emails to an inactive email account, you are knocking on a door of an abandoned house.

  • It controls spam complaints

Your email ending up in the spam folder is the last thing you want to happen as an email marketer. Thus, it is better to have a mechanism in place that shows the attitude of the email account holder towards the marketing mails they receive. If the consumer has a habit of marking emails as spam, they are not your campaign’s target audience. The email checker locates such consumers and eliminates them from your mailing list.

  • It preserves your sending reputation

Having lots of invalid email address in your list can seriously harm your sending reputation. Internet Service Providers (ISPs) will decide whether to deliver your emails depending on the reputation you’ve built. If, let’s say, you’ve collected many abuse emails and you get many spam complaints, ISPs are going to think you’re a spammer and they’ll deliver your blasts to the Spam folder, or not deliver them at all. An email verifier will remove such risky leads from your database and ensure you preserve a positive sending reputation.

Thus, if you want to improve your email marketing campaigns and generate revenue, maintain your email hygiene with an email verifier. Your results will surely be positive if your email list comprises of active  and safe email addresses.