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How Construction & Mining Sites Are Going Green


There are a number of reasons why we should care about our environment, including that a clean environment is essential for healthy living. Whilst there are several ways that you can care for our environment, some factors are out of our hands, and the constant use of mining machines is one factor we are unable to control. Due to this, it’s vital that construction and mining sites go green – and that’s exactly what they’re doing. Here, we’re taking a look at how construction and mining sites are helping protect our environment.

Scrap Mining & Recycling

Construction and mining corporations across the globe are discovering improved ways to capitalise on materials to provide the goods and services people desire while using less materials including wood, metal and plastic. By reducing the amount of wasteful use on both a private a public level and driving production towards the increased use of durable goods, the mining and construction industries can begin to significantly reduce their impact.

Improving Environmental Performance

It’s no secret that mining impacts the environment in unnatural ways, which not only disrupts the natural decaying process, but also does more damage than the natural erosion process might. With a large number of materials being used on a daily basis, it’s crucial to ensure that this destruction has productive use.

It isn’t impossible to make mining less destructive, and as more corporations go green, we can maintain the environment while still providing people with what they want.

Better Legislation & Regulations

Even though standard legislation concerning the efficiently of construction and mining alike is a long way off from being the most productive it can be, as years go by, we are seeing better legislation within these industries. Whilst these regulations differ between nations, with some countries noticeably more advanced compared to others, the need for improvement remains. Island Copper Mine in Canada, for example, is classed as a highly regulated mining site as in 1995, the mine was closed for resource attenuation. This was a result of the government, whose aim was to protect the few resources left available.

Replenishing The Environment

Replenishing mine and construction environments is one of the key factors that can help restore the respect and cooperation of those living near the site. Replacing native soils and grasses, operating proper waste removal and conducting regular site inspections are all simple ways that can trigger long-term ecosystem repair, and most importantly, sustain the environment for coming years. It sounds straightforward, but until recently, few construction and mining sites replenished the environment having disrupted its natural growth. Today, these sites must consider this activity as a priority in order to cause the very minimum of damage to the environment.

Our environment is responsible for animals, plants, food chains, water and much more which is why it is vital that we look after it. With a number of harmful gases, including methane and carbon dioxide, being released into the environment as a result of construction and mining sites, more can be done to go green. After all, if we don’t look after our environment today, who will care for it tomorrow?