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How Digital Signs Can Enhance The Restaurant Dining Experience


Digital signs can enhance the customer dining experience in a number of ways. Many people assume they are just used for displaying menu information, when in reality they do so much more. They have been proven to increase sales, digital signage creates a 31.8% increase in overall sales volume.

Digital signs can also help to entice customers into a restaurant by displaying tasty dishes or amazing deals that customers notice as they walk past. Restaurants that aren’t taking advantage of digital signs are missing out on the chance to improve their customer satisfaction and strengthen the dining experience on offer. Here are a few different ways you can use digital signs within a restaurant.

Health Information

Health information

Customers are becoming more interested in the health and nutritional information of the food they are eating. Seeing a list of dishes with calorie information included is becoming more common. People like to have enough information about the food they are eating, and digital signs can help to communicate key nutritional credentials.

Restaurants and similar retail food establishments that are part of a chain with 20 or more locations doing business under the same name and offer the same menu are required under new FA legislation under Obamacare to provide customers with caloric information.

According to Tom at Allsee Technologies Ltd “Many people suffer with allergies, and need to be certain that the food they eat in restaurants doesn’t contain anything they are allergic to. Digital signs can help put customer’s minds at rest and alert them to allergy information.” All restaurants in the EU are required to tell customers if their food contains ingredients known to trigger allergies. Digital signs are an efficient and clear way of displaying this information.

New dishes

When restaurants add new dishes to their menu, digital signs can be used to show them off. Customers may not notice which dishes are new on a printed menu, but a digital sign can alert them to some of the most exciting new additions.

A decent quality photo or video of a new dish will tempt customers into ordering them. If there are certain dishes that are more cost effective or popular that restaurants want to push then they can be carefully selected and display on a digital sign. With digital signs you can control what your customers see and the dishes that you promote.

Special Deals


Restaurants can use digital signs to announce all their latest deals and special offers. Over 90% of buying decisions are influenced by digital factors, digital signs can really help to increase sales on special offers. As soon as customers walk into a restaurant they will be able to see what the best deals are and use the information to decide which dishes to go for.

Social Media

Digital signs can be used to promote social media channels as well as displaying information about food. If a food brand is running a social media competition then it can be promoted inside restaurants. For example, some food brands run competitions that encourage customers to take pictures of their favourite dishes and upload them to social media sites such as Facebook and Instagram.

Digital signs can explain these competitions and help to persuade people to take part and interact with a brand via social media. This brings a completely new element to the dining experience and gets people talking about the dishes they are eating.

Setting The Mood

A lot of restaurants work hard to portray a certain mood. Each restaurant is different and has a distinctive vibe. Many restaurants use music, lighting and interior decor to give off a certain sense of style and set the mood. Digital signs can also be used to help set the mood by displaying specific content, videos and images. They can also be used to create different moods throughout the day.