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How Freelance Marketplace Is Helping Telecom Engineers In Promoting Their Skills And Expertise



Gone are the days when young engineers looking for employment would send resume to a dozen telecom companies. Sending CV to HR personnel who will perhaps never look at it is now old practice. Today fresh graduates are showcasing their skills and expertise on the freelance marketplace for potential clients to see. The next crop of field engineers is slowly being shaped and taking form to take on the telecom industry by a storm. Innovative platforms such as Field Engineer are providing the perfect place for these talented individuals to broadcast what they have to offer. So how is it doing it?

Exposure to global clients

Freelance marketplace is literally offering telecom engineers the avenue to meet and interact with potential employers from different companies from all over the world. All a freelance engineer need to do is sign up to the revolutionary website, create a profile and input their bio details. On their profile, they can showcase their qualifications, endorsements, previous accomplishments and their portfolio for the world to see. Clients looking for specific skills can then scroll and identify the top tier talent that they are looking for. This is a technologically powered revolution that is completely different from the traditional mode of pitching skills.

Reinventing ground

When a telecom engineer signs up as a freelance engineer, he is fresh and timid and unaware of their potential. Then they are introduced to a virtual world where everyone is equally qualified and competing for the same pie. The timid young engineer realizes that in order to stand out he will have to reinvent who he is, expand his portfolio and let the global clients know that he has more skills to offer by adding his achievements and recently acquired skills on his portfolio. This is totally different from traditional workplace practices where one would advance their studies, learn a new skill but the only person who knew was the human resource personnel if he is keen enough to read the CV when the engineer applies for a job promotion.


If you have worked on any gig economy platform, then you would know that there are some sites that offer contests for talented engineers to showcase their skills. These contests are held in-house where engineers battle it out on a project. Other than winning cash prices, they get a chance to prove to their clients why they are the best at what they do. This is a battle of skills, creativity, and innovation something that the traditional employment would not offer nor even comprehend. The winner is then published on the website’s blog for the world to see.

Social media

Freelance marketplaces are in the habit of sharing their top performing telecom engineers on their social media hurdles. These websites have invested in the social media presence, and as such when they share a freelancer’s profile, the exposure that such a freelancer gets is immense. It is something that the freelancer cannot achieve on their own doing. Promoting their freelancer’s profiles on their social media sites helps them by further connecting their skills and expertise to the world. It is a rare form of skills promotion that traditional form of employment cannot offer. These few techniques of promoting freelancer’s skills are among the reasons the workforce trends are changing and constituting the workforce of the 21st century.