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How SMS Marketing Can Skyrocket Your Business


No business is possible without advertising. Juicy posters, bright videos became an integral part of business dealing. Marketing experts assure that company is invisible until its name is printed at one million flysheets.

However, latest tendencies show off that many consumers have moved to Internet. Everyone likes solving their current troubles online. Sending short messages has pushed out phone calls together with personal visits. This is where group text messaging service is a must-have.

Placing any order now takes no more than a few lines. Customers save time, tons of money and are up to check several offers without living their rooms.

Companies are in the black too. Rent bills get reduced, less staff members needed, and company can lead business 24\7. No limited working hours mostly doubles its income.


Order reports

There is a huge amount of people who love making small or big purchases at night. Or rather, that is the only time they can afford for shopping and ordering other services. A multi-purpose SMS software can make this process automated.

Ordering any product or service algorithm is commented by a short message. Client fills in a form and gets an SMS with confirmation, forwarded with banking instructions for the remittance of compensation.

After the payment is transferred, new SMS informs a client that the order is remunerated. Delivery date and time are stated too.

All this process is fully automated. It requires to interference. Customers feel more safe knowing what to expect next. The company can control and check all transactions at its own server.


Most bulk message service websites, like intistele.com, provide online support to contact anytime in case of troubles or malfunctions.

Current events

This feature is the best for entertainment companies, restaurants, or kid’s clubs. Plan an event, set the date and invent guests with short invitations sent directly to their phones.

Bulk messaging can also be used for e-mails and some other messengers. Most of announces are delivered in a few seconds. Due to some independent factors this service cannot guarantee 100% delivery.

Incoming message feature can be used via the same account. Thus, every delivered invitation which requires an answer from the customers can be sent within one minute. Companies invent RSS codes for quick replies. For instance, ‘1’ for positive answer and ‘2’ for negative.

Website support

Website owners are looking for quick and relatively cheap methods to attract new visitors. Bulk messaging is just what they need.

This service works with most of the GSM operators all around the globe. It has no limits on daily messaging amount. Attract users with short and exciting announcements to enhance website popularity.

All these advantages unveil the new era in marketing. Stop overpaying to the staff you actually do not need, letting the robots make all work for you.