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How Social Media Can Be Used To Push Major Events


Social media has become one of many ways to get a message out. Whether you’re a business marketing a product, a charity rallying for a cause, or an individual trying to get more public recognition, social media is the ideal place to get the attention you need. This is because most of your target audience, especially millennials, tend to be glued to their handsets and scrolling through their timeliness for a large part of the day. Seeing as with social media, you’re usually able to find most of your target audience in a single place, this makes it a medium that can be used to make a noticeable impact. On those premises, this article will look at how social media can be used to push major events.

Live Streaming

Live streaming is a relatively new feature that many social media platforms have adopted. The difference between television and live streaming is in the audience’s ability to participate. This makes a significant difference as audience participation enables people to feel included in something important and a part of a larger community. This helps them connect with the cause or brand to a greater extent, which can result in many positive outcomes for the brand. Facebook, Twitter,and Instagram all have live features which can be used for live event coverage. One of the primary benefits is that people from all over the world can watch and comment which gives the event far more exposure. Seeing as there has been a steady increase in the share of live streaming audiences on all social media platforms between 2016 and 2017, it should definitely be utilized to help push an event.


Hashtags and trending have been around for almost as long as social media has. It is essentially a way of knowing what conversations are dominating at particular times. This feature is useful for both users, businesses, and organizations as it can be used to find a conversation to participate in or to inform a decision on one to begin. Relating to events, if your event is generating enough attention via social media, it gives you the opportunity to trend. Once your event is trending, as with live streaming, the event is bound to get a lot more attention. There are many ways to get an event hashtag to trend and some include picking the right hashtag, the right timing, and involving partners with robust audiences.


Following on from the previous point, hashtags can also have a significant impact on events. Seeing as they represent what’s presently trending, people are keen to explore the conversations surrounding them. Likewise, if an event wants to trend, they can put their marketing efforts towards getting people to use the hashtag. Not only is a trending hashtag useful to event organizers, but it can also be used by other individuals or platforms to generate traffic and create visibility. A primary example is the World Cup which is fast approaching. Seeing as it is likely that there will be various hashtags trending for the different games and events, platforms such as https://www.unibet.co.uk/blog/football/world-cup could easily use one of the football hashtags to create content that centers on football and betting. In this respect, both the World Cup events and the platform get more exposure.

Social Media has proven to be an effective tool if you’re trying to push or promote an event. For one, it gives you access to people all over the world who have the ability to see your event. Aside from that, one of the most rewarding benefits is that they can participate in your event for free as a result.