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How The Digital Boom Has Been Great For Start-Ups


The digital age has offered so much freedom to so many people. Nowadays there’s very little you can’t do over the internet, whether you’re looking to book a holiday, buy goods and services or even track a taxi. It’s an incredibly vast and powerful resource used by millions of people around the world, and it’s been especially useful for a whole variety of industries and business sectors.

This digital evolution has meant that businesses have not only been able to expand their range of services but it has also given them the opportunity to cast a wider web and reach millions more potential customers. It’s thanks to this digital boom that has allowed more and more of us to turn to the internet in order to setup new and exciting start-ups and to reap the benefits that this avenue has to offer.

One of the main reasons that an online business is the most attractive way in which to setup a new service is its negligible setup costs. Obviously, it depends on what your new business will be offering but if for example you are looking to setup an online-only company with a website and shopcart of products it’s something you can get up and running in just a matter of hours.

There are so many low-cost hosting companies out there now that are able to offer extremely cheap domain registration and ongoing hosting, some of which can be less than £10 per month to run.

Then if you consider the variety of free plugins and content management systems, such as WordPress, you’ll be able to design and piece together your new site in next to no time at all. Adding a shopcart is also a piece of cake these days thanks to a number of quality third-party merchants. Many of which don’t require monthly contracts or other hidden fees. Such merchants simply take a small percentage of each of your online transactions meaning that you don’t have to worry about paying anything out unless you begin to sell and make money yourself.

The digital boom has helped so many industries evolve and re-evaluate how they provide services and deal with their customer base.

The casino industry in particular has benefited from this digital age embracing the technologies of the day and providing an expansive range of digital online services for their customers, old and new.

The added availability of special online casino software has opened up a whole new industry and the rise of the mobile-gaming industry has seen the whole market explode. Mobile casinos such as Playcosmo have continued to enjoy success thanks to their digital output and it’s this new and convenient way of gaming that has such mass appeal.

Whilst setting up a digitally-based start-up can be beneficial there is of course the down side which is the fact that everyone has the opportunity to do so. This means that the competition is fierce and trying to stand out above everyone else around you can be particularly challenging.