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How To Clean Up Disk Space On Your PC With CCleaner


Every Windows user has probably heard of CCleaner. This is a widely used tool for computer cleaning purposes and is recommended for both online and offline operations. However, it is important to know what it does and how to use it so that you can get maximum benefits from it.

Well, here is why you need a it scans to identify and delete useless files to help you free up some space in your machine; secondly, it erases private data such as your browsing history and a number of recently opened files in different programs. Many people use it as a Window’s built-in disk cleanup feature.

With a CCleaner, you will be able to delete old temporary files that were created through programs; windows report logs, temporary internet files for the internet explorer browser and so on. All this is in the effort of freeing up disk space.

A CCleaner runs with the disk cleanup concept and goes further to execute this function in Windows and other programs that the usual Disk Cleanup feature cannot touch. For example, it will access cache files for such browsers as Firefox and Chrome or else erase the useless setup folders created by NVIDIA graphics driver installers when updating the graphics drivers.

Here is how to use the CCleaner:

  • Select the kind of data you want to get rid off
  • Click on the Analyze button
  • Watch over what data will be deleted
  • Once satisfied, click on the run cleaner button for the actual deletion of the selected files
  • If these are the types of files you want to delete from time to time, your CCleaner will remember that next time. All you will need is to open it and go straight to the run cleaner button.

Deleting Private Data with CCleaner 

Use the Ccleaner to delete your private usage data. This helps you delete your browse history, cache files and cookies for all types of installed browsers. It is very thorough in the cleaning process to a point of deleting the cookie data kept by the Flash Player.

Further than that, it wipes out every other privacy-risk data including recently opened file names in Windows Media Player, MS Word, VLC media player and Adobe reader among other common Windows Applications. All this can be performed based on your choice.

However, the Ccleaner is set to delete all this information by default. The Ccleaner is like a computer-wide application that deletes all your browsing data and useless temporary files. However, it may not know all programs that you could use.

Using the Ccleaner 

The Ccleaner is a profitable tool when used in the right matter. First, you may not need to run it every now and then. However, it has its place and important situations when to use it. Excess clutter in your machine can affect its performance and it is therefore important to clean up your machine.  In that case, you will need the Ccleaner for your occasional cleanup activities.

Exercise caution by checking the cleaner’s default settings. Go through them and choose the kinds of data you want to delete. This is for the reason that, deleting some programs and files can also cause your computer to fail to perform well or slow down. The section for the Windows includes options of erasing data included with Windows whereas the application sections has options of cleaning for third-party programs installed in your computer.

Keep checking the Applications section to see what you don’t need deleted. If you don’t need the Ccleaner to keep wiping the browser’s cache, you have an option of disabling it. The tool will also delete all the logins you have made online should you allow it to clear the browser’s cookies. This will require you to keep logging into your websites repeatedly.  This may not be very useful and therefore, you should manage your cleaning options well.

The registry cleaner is something else you need to be careful about when using the Ccleaner. Get to learn if there could be any particular registry cleaner issues. For the other options and tools, you should be fine with them.

Ideally, this is a tool that works well for you if you learn on how it works. Most importantly, it can access many more data files than some of the cleanup tools out there. All you need is to choose what you need and what you don’t need. Here is a CCleaner professional plus discount coupon code to buy this software today.