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How to Find Out the Best VPN Services?


If you are planning on to make your web connection safe and reliable, then the chances are high that you already know about VPN or Virtual Private Networks. Choosing the best VPN service can be a tricky task as the list of VPN services available in the market is quite high. Well, no need to worry as in this post we will help you out in choosing the best VPN service for your needs. However, before starting let’s understand what exactly is VPN and why it is used.

What is Virtual Private Network and why it is used?

In most simple language, VPN helps in creating a secure connection to another network over the internet. Consider the following example to understand it better.

“VPN can allow an employee to work home while his company is situated at miles away from his home. He can easily access the company’s intranet located no matter how far he is actually from the company. “


The most common use of Virtual Private Network is to secure the connection and increase its privacy. Now, you must be thinking that why would someone wish to access a website whose server or location is miles away.  To understand this, you need to know that many services are geographically blocked.

For example, you must have seen few YouTube videos which shows that “This Video is not available in your country”, or you can’t watch Netflix in India because it is geographically not active in the country. Now just imagine if you can access these websites irrespective of the location. VPN allows you to access these sites and makes it appear that you are using the website from that unblocked location which means no can even trace you or get an idea of where the traffic is coming from.

How to find out the best VPN service for you?

Before deciding the best VPN service, you should know about your needs. If you are planning to invest in VPN service just to secure access your home network, then we will suggest you to not to go for it. You need to understand that VPN allows you to secure access a remote network like an exit node in New York, not access to your very own network.

The best VPN services allow you to safeguard your browsing privacy. When you connect your device on a public Wi-Fi, you don’t have an idea as whether your connection is secure or not. The chances of being tracked on a public connection are very high, and you can easily be exposed. In such cases, you just need a simple home bases VPN server instead of a VPN with massive bandwidth.

Security lock concept
Security lock concept

To access the websites that are blocked in your region, you need VPN services whose servers are there in that region. So make sure that the VPN service you are opting for is available in most of the regions. Other important factors which are considered while selecting the best VPN services are need of geo-shifting the location, need of anonymity and Plausible Deniability, use of protocols by the VPN services and the number of concurrent connections allowed on the network.

You can work on the factors mentioned above to decide which VPN service will be best for you. Make sure you are paying only for what you are getting.