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How To Fix The Top 3 Online Gaming GPU Problems


High definition graphic games are the trend in the gaming world these days. Many are going to the online games with the best visual presentation. If you search online, there will be a long list of games that you can choose from depending on your preference. However, you might wonder why there are some online games that your PC or your laptop will not let you access.

There are common issues that you might encounter when playing on your PC. Even when you are not well-versed on how the technology works, you need to know how to fix common issues. For troubleshooting guides on high definition graphic games, you can find plenty of them at gpugames.com. This website is one of the most trusted technical support sites that can give you a step-by-step process for fixing common glitches and issues with your online games.

Freezing or Hanging

This is one of the most common issues that we face especially when we are running a high definition game. There are some instances that gamers experience problems where the title is frequently hanging or freezing. It can sometimes take just a couple of seconds, or maybe minutes before it resumes.

How to Fix It 

What you can do is to make sure that you meet the developer’s recommendations when it comes to your computer’s RAM or video RAM as well as the processor and the hard drive. If not, then most likely these are the reasons why you are experiencing these problems. You can choose to upgrade or find another game that will fit what your computer has.

If you have the required specifications, you can try to download the latest video card drivers., You can also clear any existing background processes that you don’t need, and check your hard drive space. If it is less than 10% remaining, then you have to free it up.


This is sometimes mistaken as freezing. But stuttering is totally different. This happens at a higher frequency and the hanging lasts for just a millisecond. You may not be able to notice it at first but when your character moves, it is more visible. The most common issue for this is the multi-GPU setups or if you have multiple video cards.

How To Fix It: The best thing that you can do is disable one of them or you can keep the two active and download the latest drivers.

Too Much Lagging

Lagging. This is by far the worst problem that you might encounter. It lets you access the game but when you start playing, nothing happens for a second, then it moves again. Online lagging is very common and so frustrating most of the time. This happens usually when your internet connection is too slow.

How To Fix: You can first check for any ongoing downloads that are active, and also check if you have opened any video streaming. This will cause you online game to lag when your router chooses not to prioritize your game. Turn everything off and go back to your game.

PC games these days are much better compared to what they were used to be. These issues may occur, but you can definitely do something about it.