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How To Get A Better Conversion Rate By Blogging


Your exciting journey of starting a blog has begun and your sparkling eyes and smiling face is the proof of being a proud owner of your first blog. You start posting content and do promotion on timely basis. Days became weeks and then months and finally after a year of doing hard-work, sadly, you still long for the popularity which a blog owner rejoices with.

Now, at this challenging time, you have the following things hovering in your mind

  • Why are people actually not open to join my email list?
  • How can I persuade more people to sign up for my wonderful blog?
  • In short what I can do to create an everlasting, awesome, mind-blowing and charismatic change on my blog, similar to that of my friend’s blog?

I know your months of continuous hard work and dedication can get the beating, if your conversation rate is quite low. Since, writing content won’t have much of an effect.

get A Better Conversion Rate By Blogging

Therefore, through the following post, I am coming up with the awesome, tested and magnificent techniques to give your blog enough boost by increasing your conversation rate:

In such an intense competitive world where people have paucity of time, you need to describe yourself to others in a limited time. For example, in a professional meet-up with people coming from wide backgrounds, you initiate talks with people or vice-versa and have the curiosity to know

  • Who are they?”,
  • What do they do?”

The same is the case with your blog. Your “About Us” page is in the centre of attraction and you need to best describe yourself as others are possibly appreciative and curious about you and interested to know more.

Pop Ups may be cool, when done right

You hate “Pop Ups” and I do too. There are people whom you might perceive as hating Pop Ups unconditionally. Well, ironically, we may be too harsh in jumping to the conclusion. Re-think once again and I am sure, you will get to know pop ups generate surprisingly great results when done right. Yes, I mean huge results and I am not joking. It has been tested by me where in a total of sending to 16,000 people, I only received ‘One complaint’. As a matter of pleasant surprise, I got the biggest gift, right on my birthday where the conversation rate doubled in no time. As you know excess of anything is bad, it is only when people “overdo” things which become a matter of concern and a source of annoyance to others. I mean if you do with lots of “popups” and people will simple “reject” you.


Your page layout, navigation, should be top notch

  • Ask yourself, whether you need to include videos for effectively asserting your points
  • Never ask people to sign up too fast. So respect their views as I am sure you know that they want to get reasons for buying a specific product.
  • Writing simple and easy words will have far more reach that those complicated business language

Do come up with the strong reason of why people should believe you

  • Increase trust: Ensure that people can have an easy access towards you. This can be done by clearly mentioning the phone number, email address along with your postal address.
  • Similarly writing down the testimonials ensures a far reaching pleasant effect.
  • Do give a face lift to your blog by updating the blog’s content on regular basis.

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How To Get A Better Conversion Rate By Blogging

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