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How To Prevent Employee Burnout


Did you realize that nearly 88 percent of Americans are overworked? For years, America has been one of the top countries when it comes to business productivity.

Inexperienced business owners fail to realize how much of a toll overworking can take on an employee’s mind and body. Overworked employees are more likely to get ill and also have a higher chance of looking for another job.

If you have looked over your time sheet calculator and see that your employees are being overworked, now is the time to make a change.

Read below to find out more about how to prevent employee burnout.

Institute an Open Door Policy With Employees

When trying to reduce the chance of employee overworking, be sure to institute an open door policy with your team. Ideally, you want your employees to feel comfortable with the idea of coming into your office and having a one on one meeting. Focusing on keeping the lines of communication open can help you detect early warning signs of employee burnout.

If an employee is having a problem or feels like they need a break, you need to be the first person they come to in this situation. Creating an atmosphere of intimidation in the workplace can backfire in spectacular fashion. Rather than wanting your employees to fear you, focus on making them comfortable due to the long-term benefits this can provide.

Clearly Define An Employee’s Role

Employees who are unsure about what their role within a company is will stay in a state of confusion. Not only will this issue cause confusion, it can lead to an employee getting overwhelmed due to lack of information. By clearly defining what a person’s role is with your company, you can avoid things like mistakes and overworking.

Most people thrive in an environment where they feel sure of the job they need to do. Making a list of the things an employee is responsible for can also help you figure out who you need to see when problems arise. Having this information will reduce the amount of research you have to do and will allow you to address customer service issues easily.

Provide Employees With Constant Feedback

Keeping employees engaged is an essential part of remaining successful in the world of small business. One of the best ways to increase employee engagement is by providing your team with constant feedback. Giving a team member a pat on the back after a job well done can make a large impact.

On the flipside, correcting mistakes that an employee has made can teach them what is expected of them and how to avoid these problems in the future. Most successful businesses conduct frequent performance evaluations on their employees. During these evaluations, employees are pulled into one on one meetings with upper management to discuss their work. Not only are these meetings good for an employee, they allow you to see where their head is at and to assess how engaged they are.

Decision-Making Should be a Team Activity

When the time comes to make important decisions regarding a company’s direction, involving employees is essential. Most people like to feel like they are a part of a team. Neglecting to get input from your employees before making these decisions can be disastrous. Often times, your team can provide you with a fresh perspective that can make the decision-making process easier and far more successful.

Failing to keep an eye peeled for the warning signs of employee burnout can wreak havoc on your small business. If you suspect an employee is overworked, you need to make a point of talking with them and figuring out a solution to their problem.