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How To Unlock Your Samsung Galaxy S8


Getting your phone unlocked is a necessary step especially when your phone is locked to any particular service provider. Under circumstances like where your phone is locked to another service provider or you have been gifted a pre-owned phone, you need to learn to unlock your phone.

SIM unlocking is perfectly easy once you know the steps. Your new SIM card won’t work unless you unlock Samsung Galaxy S8. Often baffled by the issue you call your service provider only to know that the newly bought smart-phone is locked to another service provider. The call would not be of any help as the service provider won’t be able to solve the problem until the contract period is expired.

Once you successfully unlock Samsung Galaxy S8 you can use it with any GSM network in your country and abroad. Whilst travelling, you can also dodge the expensive roaming charges even if you are using local network carrier.  You can also significantly increase the resell value of the phone.

In this article, we provide some simple tips to unlock the Samsung Galaxy S8 smart phone: 

Options to unlock your phone?

There are several methods you can apply in order to unlock your phone. There are few software applications that come handy. The software applications can be downloaded and installed in your computer wherein you can connect your phone and unlock it. However this method is not secure as it may damage your device if not properly performed.

Also, at the same time there are other ways to unlock Samsung Galaxy S8. Using an unlock code is definitely abetter option. There are websites from where you can generate unlock codes for any phones. These codes are unique ones specially generated after taking information about your phone’s IMEI number, phone model, country of service, and service provider.  

Where do I get the Unlock Code?

There are many websites out there, however Codes2unlock.com or GSMUnlockHub.com are the most reliable sources of obtaining the unlock code. These are the reliable websites with quite number of satisfied customer reviews from where you can obtain the unlock code for your Samsung Galaxy S8 phone along with unlock codes for other android phones.


Apart from this, unlock codes can also be obtained via your carrier. In the United States the four major unlock carriers available are AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile and Verizon. These carriers can be used for unlocking the phone depending on certain conditions. 

Steps to unlock Samsung Galaxy S8

Step 1: To unlock your phone you must be aware of the IMEI number of the phone. This can be done by dialling *#06# on the phone after you have checked the sticker placed underneath your phone’s battery.

Step 2: Provide the other phone details and pay the required fee.

Step 3: You will receive an unlock code in your registered email address.

Step 4: In order to punch in unlock code you must first insert a different SIM card in your phone. You need to insert another SIM card which is not from your service provider.

Step 5: Wait till the phone reads the messages like “EnterNetwork Unlock Code” or “SIM Network Unlock PIN”.

Step 6: After receiving the message, punch in unlock code that you have got in your inbox.

Step 7: A text will come in your phone reading “Unlock Successfully”

Congratulations! Now, your phone is unlocked. These are simple few steps which makes sure that you can easily unlock Samsung Galaxy S8phone using unlock codes. 


Unlocking phones is completely legal and getting your phone unlocked does not hamper the warranty you have on your phone. Just make sure, you always use reliable unlocking codes from trusted sites. This will ensure that your phone will remain undamaged after unlocking.