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How Universal Robots Is Changing The World Of Automation


According to a report done by McKinsey & Company, nearly 800 million jobs will be occupied by robots by the year 2030. This is roughly a third of the human workforce for most countries. With this seeming inevitable, the time has come when we need to embrace robotic automation in our industries and businesses.

As technology keeps advancing, automation has become a necessity for companies that want to have an impact on the market and provide some competition. Universal Robots, a Danish manufacturing company, has come up with one of the most effective industrial collaborative robotic arms (Cobots) which have been heaped with praise as the future for robotics.

What makes this Cobots Unique?

1. Different Sizes.

Through their vast understanding of the production and manufacturing processes, Universal Robots has developed the Cobots in different sizes.  This ensures that the Cobots can handle the different activities in your Industry. The range from the UR3, UR5, and UR10 with each automating process that weigh 3kgs, 5kgs and 10kgs respectively.

They have also introduced the e-series of Cobots comprising of the UR3e, UR5e and the UR10e which are more efficient, precise and productive. These Cobots can be applied in any field of production and drastically improve your production and quality of products.

2. Safety and Collaboration Guarantee

Traditional robots have been associated with numerous cases of harming human workers and destroying more products than it makes. This made the working conditions for humans quite difficult, however,  Universal Robots  robotic arm has been fitted with numerous sensors and cameras allowing them to stop working immediately an object is ahead of it.

This makes it easy to work with and also eases the workload. They have also been designed to adapt to some of the risky working conditions in the industry hence can replace humans that work in hazardous areas!

3. Flexible Deployment.

Besides coming in different sizes, one Cobot can be easily re-tasked to carry out different activities. This is made possible by their light-weight, space-saving features which make them quite easy to set up.  Their efficiency makes it possible to move it to different areas in the industry and even re-use programs thus streamlining customer services.

The e-series of the Cobots have been designed to be more versatile and offer more end-effectors and softwares thus meeting the industries demands.

4. Ease of Set-up.

With traditional robots needing a few weeks to be streamlined into the industries production, Cobots work in a matter of hours. Universal Robots has ensured that the time required during the is greatly reduced by creating a user-friendly interface that can be connected to regular power outlets and doesn’t require special installation.

The Cobots are also fitted with ethernet capabilities and an easy manual handbook thus requiring just an hour to program your first task and averagely half a day to be fully integrated into your systems.

5. Ease of programming

In a world where programming skills are highly valued, it may be difficult to teach your workers how to program a robot. However, Universal robots have used patented technology in designing the Cobots allowing even the worker with no programming experience to program the Cobots!

This ease in programming, allows the Cobots to be easily reprogrammed and thus carry out multiple tasks in the industry. They may even be programmed to conduct the mundane and repetitive works suck as packaging products.

6. Amazing accessories.

Besides the robotic arm, Universal Robots also develops numerous accessories that may work seamlessly with the arm to ensure maximum efficiency. This includes the Pick-It 3D Robot Vision System, the 3 Finger Gripper Kit, and the Robot Guidance with Sick Inspector, among other accessories that are displayed in their showroom.


With this among many other features, Universal Robot has created a Cobot that is transforming every field where it is being applied. As different companies and industries are now rushing to get these Cobots, you can be sure that automation will never be the same again.