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How Virtual Advisors and Freedom Debt Relief can Help You with Your Finances


As time has gone on, technology has been actively improving almost every element of human life. Naturally, technology has also made it easier to access a financial advisor than ever before. Freedom Debt Relief is just one company who has been working hard to integrate themselves into the online community, but the entire financial industry has been rapidly changing.


How has Freedom Debt Relief increased their presence online?

In order to remain competitive within the industry, Freedom Debt Relief has been rapidly improving their website, their client dashboard, and their overall online presence. The company’s website has become more integrated and useful over time, and they have also established a firm presence on Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

Freedom Debt Relief has a unique client dashboard feature allows you to actively monitor every debt settlement as it is occurring. Additionally, the client dashboard also allows you to see the schedule for when your debts are being negotiated and to manage your account information. These kinds of changes are incredibly important—having access to your account from wherever you may be is what makes it possible to always be in control of your financial future.

What is a robo financial advisor?

A century ago, if you wanted to meet with a financial advisor, you would need to go visit them at their office or—at the very least—write them a letter. Though shortly after that, the rapid spread of the telephone made financial advisors more accessible than they were in the past, the introduction of the internet has certainly made the modern era one that has been characterized by increased convenience.

A virtual financial advisor—also known as a “robo” advisor—is exactly what the name implies. These “advisors”—who are not humans, but computers—can be accessed directly through the internet, and because of this, both the cost and the hassle of getting financial guidance have been decreasing over time.

By using a virtual financial advisor, your investments and accounts will be automatically monitored. These advisors can help increase efficiency, find optimal opportunities for investment, and still assure that all of your accounts are safe.

Are there still human financial advisors that can be accessed online?

Though utilizing a robo advisor is something that can be incredibly useful and beneficial, human financial advisors are still far from obsolete. Most financial websites—including Freedom Debt Relief—have various ways in which you can still have direct contact with a human being.

Robo advisors are ideal when you know what you want, and simply want your accounts to be monitored and adjusted when appropriate. But if you are one of many Americans who feels as if you need personal guidance with your finances, then it may make more sense to reach out to someone directly.

Robo advisors are not meant to replace the essential human element of the financial industry. But when used in conjunction with a knowledgeable human being, these advisors certainly have a lot to offer. There is no telling what the future has in store, but there is a lot for people to get excited about.