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Influencer Marketing: Best Tips To Attract Your First 250k Instagram Followers


There is no doubt that Instagram has grown into one of the most popular social media platforms. Individuals and brands are investing in building huge followings through the site so that they can improve customer attention. With the help of the best Instagram growth service, one can grow and connect with millions of followers who also turn into clients. The following are some of the best tips you can apply to attract your first 250,000 Instagram followers to your account:

Choose a Theme and Remain Consistent

Instagram is all about posting visuals thus, you must ensure that your pictures depict your wishes about the brand you are creating. As you develop your page, figure out what works for you and assign a theme to it. An Instagram theme inspires your existing content and what you intend to post in future. More importantly, themes influence what the audience expects from your presentations. Your desire to remain productive and relevant also relies on the theme that you select.

Maintain A Consistent Posting Schedule

Unlike other social media platforms, Instagram calls for your consistency if you need to maintain a loyal pool of customers. Thus, try as much as possible to post three or more times a day. If you go missing for some weeks, you might return to find out that you lost some of your followers.

To stay consistent, use the strategy of planning your posts early. For example, have a schedule where you make posts in preceding weeks before posting them. This way, you will have enough content to carry you through the days. In case you run out of content, you will have a backup plan to sustain you. As you engage your existing audience, the chances are that you will land new followers. Consistency will guarantee you success as you aim to widen your base.

Select The Best Hashtags

Before you can make any post, consider researching the best and latest hashtags. Remember that for each post, you are allowed to use a maximum of 30 hashtags. Be careful not to put the hashtags in the caption of the actual post, but include them in subsequent comments immediately after posting. The idea is to avoid outshining the post but rather entice your followers.

Find Out the Ideal Time To Post

Understanding your audience is a critical factor if you wish to find them at the optimal time when they are online. Before posting, find out about the time peaks when engagement is high. Content and time are very independent factors when it comes to Instagram. For example, you may have the fanciest piece of content, but if you present it at the wrong time, you may not reach the intended audience.


You definitely have the best chance to increase your followers through the above strategies. Take note that the world is slowly transforming to take up the online trajectory. Build your audience and improve your prospects of landing a large customer base. In case you venture into business, this is a sure way to create an empire.