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Infographic – The Ultimate Gamer Bucket List


What is your biggest dream as a gamer? It might be to have a gaming marathon with all your friends, but is it the best thing you can do? MrGamez thought a little differently and found something else. There are a lot of things a gamer can do, if they are really into the world of video games. In fact, you can even have a Bucket List of Gamers! From Gaming stores to Expos and from Festivals to Escape Rooms, the world of gamine has a lot to offer, as long as your enthusiasm goes. And, here are a few things you should consider adding to the Gaming Bucket List of yours.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re into vintage games or not. Gaming Bars can offer a unique combination of beverages and the classic way of gaming, Pin Ball and everything else. On the other hand, visiting the old but new VideoGamesNewYork Store will let you find the incredible collection of console games, from the oldest to the newest. Last but not least, there are Video Game Festivals and competitions that can give chills for the gamer inside you. Go ahead and beat’em, winning the best prize money — and that’s why these festivals and competitions should be in your bucket list.

You may be an enthusiastic gamer, a game collector or someone else! There is something unique offered by everything in this Gaming Bucket List. And, here is the MrGamez Infographic that will guide you through the best things in the world for the gamers.

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