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Innovations For Your Necessities: Top 7 Wearable Tech Of 2019 


Technology improves regularly. While you assume that you have the greatest and the most recent today, it’ll be outdated some time. As time goes on, we see these developments affect our lives in either subtle or dramatic ways. As you move on with your life, the world also moves on. As this happens, the modern conveniences we once supposed were only in science fiction are nowadays commonplace. 

Wearable tech devices continued to keep the industry lively, making our lives simpler. Thanks to the fascinating innovations that fulfill our necessities, wearable technology has evolved to become one of the biggest industries in the world.

For the Energy: Under Armour Hovr Infinite Running Shoes 

Smart kicks won’t let you down with your energy. Just match this Hovr Infinite with your smartphone via Bluetooth. These trainers will provide coaching and gait analysis through UA’s MapMyRun app. It’ll not only help you correct your form, but also improve! While you go for your energy, you can also log your time and share them with friends.

For the Memory: OrCam MyMe

Let’s admit it; more often than not, we fail to recall the names of the people we encounter for the first time. Don’t worry buddy, OrCam’s MyMe is there to the rescue. Just attach it to your clothes, and its high-resolution sensor will capture thumbnail shots of the people you come across. All the data is kept on the device and never directed to the cloud, so you don’t need to be alarmed.

For the Emergency: B A S U Original Sound Grenade

This tiny device blows a great alarm! When traveling through a dangerous place or if you don’t feel comfortable about your surroundings, this little companion could come through for you. This comes attached to a carabiner; you just need to pull firmly and the alarm crashes. You can wear it on your purse or keychain, and even on your belt loop.

For the Style: Omega Speedmaster Professional Chronograph

For a long time, the Omega Speedmaster has beheld events that have verified the parameters of human courage and physical endurance. Well, it has an irreplaceable place in the account of space exploration as the single piece of wearable used in all of NASA’s piloted space missions. Since its introduction, the Speedmaster has been branded by its readability, robustness, and precision.

For the Comfort: Elinka Wireless Music Bluetooth Sunglasses Headset

These Bluetooth sunglasses will match your MP3 player or your smartphone, enabling you to relax and listen to music while being busy living life. They’re water-resistant, so you can wear them on your world of adventure. Now, what if someone calls? Don’t worry; if you push a button on the glasses, you can answer and enjoy the call.

For the Struggle: WT2 Real-Time In-Ear Translator

This Kickstarter innovation is finally out, delivering the Star Trek universal translator fantasy and making it a reality. This provides a real-time conversation translation all from its robust in-ear system. As a person speaks, you can hear it in your native language. You don’t just reply in your mother tongue; they can also hear your response back in their native tongue.


The world of wearable techs remains to improve and grow. As trackers track even more, smartwatches get more intelligent, and both virtual and augmented reality progress, wearables blur the lines between fantasy and reality.