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Innovative Security Measures for Businesses to Consider


Whether digital, physical, or both, security remains a chief concern among most companies worldwide. While the specific types of security measures taken depend on the type of business in question, the best options almost invariably involve the latest technology.

The following are some of the most innovative security measures for businesses:

Artificial Intelligence

Harnessing the power of artificial intelligence for enterprise security is more accessible than most business owners think. Something as simple as the Alexa virtual assistant counts as A.I. that gets used for business security purposes. Many of the latest developments in cybersecurity also involve the utilization of artificial intelligence technology. Chances are the role A.I. plays in business security will continue to grow over the next few decades.


One of the latest developments in industrial sector security involves the exciting world of advanced robotics. Using a remote surveillance robot is an effective way for many plants, testing sites, and research facilities to safely monitor hazardous or remote areas. These units use cloud connections to provide real-time control and connectivity, alerting handlers to any disturbances or disruptions. Operators can also remotely reposition the robot as needed, enabling up-to-the-minute monitoring as situations unfold.

Smart Security Systems

While internet-enabled security systems have been on the market for years, many companies have yet to incorporate them into their protective measures. These security systems are more affordable than ever, providing further incentive for businesses to invest in them going forward. The ability to rely on cameras to automatically record motion, monitor movement throughout a facility, and initiate extra measures the moment a potential threat arises are just some of the benefits of smart security systems that are too good to pass up.

Virtualized Cybersecurity

The basic concept of virtualized cybersecurity is simple: instead of managing online security via onsite infrastructure, companies have these protective measures contained through the cloud. Imagine a firewall within a firewall; a virtualized firewall is itself separated from the data being protected. The result is there are multiple moving hoops to leap through to gain unauthorized access to sensitive data.

Hardware Authentication

The common denominator of virtually all unauthorized access to digital infrastructure and data storage is the use of an external device. Rarely, if ever, are the hackers targeting businesses gaining entry with an onsite computer or other local devices. That’s because they’re usually thousands of miles away. To override this universal loophole, more businesses are opting for hardware authentication. The concept is simple: if the hardware is not authorized, access is prohibited. However, achieving that kind of system is easier said than done.

There are countless security measures for businesses and individuals to consider. The ones they choose to use will depend on a variety of factors. However, chances are everyone takes advantage of security measures in some form or another. For business owners interested in staying out in front of the latest threats to their companies, the latest security developments must be considered.