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Instagram Algorithm And How It Works


As a social media, Instagram wants to be unique. Being unique is not just about being different than other social media. It is also about knowing the users better than any other social media. You don’t have to follow the social media trends if you don’t want to. No matter what you choose, your Instagram feed will always be unique. Even though you follow the same account as other people, your feed might be different. Everything is possible, thanks to a mysterious Instagram algorithm.

In order to provide such experience, Instagram creates a machine-learning algorithm to analyze your past behavior while using the app. There are some main components in this algorithm:

  • Interest

Instagram will analyze your past behavior while using the app, determine the content, and decide whether or not you will be interested in such content

  • Recency

Based on your past behavior, Instagram will learn your sharing behavior over a recent post. For example, if you recently watched some videos about M88, more likely you will see this type of content in the future.

  • Relationship

Based on some posts you shared, Instagram will learn about your relationship to the original author of that post. The more you are related to the author, the more likely it will appear again in your feed.

  • Frequency

Your Instagram feed is adjusted based on how often you use the app.

  • Following

The less people you follow, the more accurate Instagram can adjust your feed.

  • Usage

The longer you use Instagram, the more data the app can gather to analyze your past behavior and adjust your feed. For example, if you spend 10 – 15 minutes a day reading post from W88 sport, Instagram will include the account post in your feed.

Busting the Myths

Even after learning the key components in Instagram feed algorithm, we still don’t know everything about it. Several things still remain as myth. However, we managed to get Instagram busted these so-call myths for us.

1. Instagram is not planning to bring back their reverse chronological feed because they think it might be too complex for some users.

2. You still can see posts from people you follow by keep scrolling the feed.

3. Instagram doesn’t favor specific video or photo format. Your feed is adjusted based on contents you are most engaged with. The more time you spend on a particular media, the more you will see it.

4. Instagram won’t downrank or ban you from posting too much in a short time frame. Instead, it will post something among your posts.

5. Instagram treats business and personal accounts equally.