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And we are already looking forward to November and the release of the iPhone X but does it really merit its mega price tag?

Many people are saying that the key difference between the two is the screen and how important a fingerprint sensor is to you. Loosing that touch sensor in favour of Face ID (especially when the whole demonstration of the Face ID on the iPhone X went embarrassingly wrong triggering great amusement on Twitter and other social media sites) might just be one progression too far for some.

The iPhone X will be available on the 3rd of November, but the phone has already been scrutinised by a few technology publications and the general consensus is that the iPhone X is very much the best-looking iPhone ever with its stainless-steel edging and glass back that is coloured delicately besides an amazing screen.

The radical redesign has generated a lot of excitement and it is expected to draw and tempt iPhone fans to upgrade even if it is going to cost a packet. This makes the iPhone X the iPhone to own if you are all about looks, but does that really make it a phone that you cannot live without?

The iPhone 8 and 8 Plus also have the new processor and wireless charging, and the iPhone 8 Plus enjoys a camera update too, so until someone proves otherwise the iPhone X is all about Face ID, animated emojis, and a marginally improved rear camera.

Saying that the Smartphone is THE fashion accessory to own, and the statement the iPhone X will make will appeal to many users.

However, there are still those that are a little confused about all the excitement that surrounds the release of a new device, those that have never experienced how much iPhone users come to rely on them to such a degree that to lose their iPhone or have it stolen is a minor disaster.

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We all lead busy lives and the mobile has integrated itself into those lives until to be without one is almost inconceivable, and who would have thought how far technology would bring us when the very first generation of iPhone was introduced a mere ten years ago.