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Learning To Implement Winning Strategies For Online Spider Solitaire


So, you have grown tired of solitaire, and want to move onto a more challenging game like spider solitaire? Well, the first thing that you need to know is that not every game of spider solitaire is winnable. Nevertheless, if you stick to a few simple rules, tips, and suggestions, you can greatly improve your chances. While the game is more difficult and requires more planning, it can bring more challenges and test certain parts of the brain that would not be tested in a regular game of solitaire. For instance, some games of spider solitaire can take more than half an hour of thinking and planning.

With that being said, it is always good to go in with a strategy. Below, you will learn some amazing strategies that can help improve your chances of winning at spider solitaire.

Build In Suits If Possible 

When playing spider solitaire, you will often have a chance to build in suit (natural building). It is always wise to take that opportunity as often as possible. This will later allow you to move all the naturally built suits and free up those hidden face down cards. For instance, when playing spider solitaire, you can place a 3 of clubs on a 4 of hearts, but you will only be able to move that 3 of clubs to another column. Alternatively, if you placed a 3 of clubs onto a 4 of clubs, you would later be able to move both of those cards. This is absolutely one of the most important tips for spider solitaire.

Accessing Face Down Cards As Fast As Possible 

When playing spider solitaire, you will notice that there are face down cards that you can’t see just like in solitaire. One of your best strategies is to try to access these cards as quickly as possible and get them flipped over. Not only will this give you access to more cards to play, but it will free up what are known as tableau piles.

Making Tableau Piles Fast 

Empty tableau piles can come in extremely handy when it comes to rearranging, storing, and freeing up hidden face down cards. You want to try to make empty tableau piles as soon as you can. Even if this mean that you have to make a lot of “out of suit” moves. Having a greater number of empty spaces is always best.

Using Higher Cards To Build “Out of Suit” 

Anytime you start building “out of suit” combinations, you are going to start noticing a lot of blockage right away. Sometimes this can be okay if you have an empty tableau pile or two. However, if you don’t have any empty piles, you need to be careful with your “out of suit” builds. If you have to make these types of stacks, it is best to start with the higher cards first. For instance, once you place an ace there isn’t many more cards that can be place on that ace. However, placing a king or queen will allow you to build all the way down to the ace.