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Locked vs Unlocked Phones – What’s The Difference?


We’ve been seeing questions for locked and unlocked phones for a while now and we decided to clear it all up. What does having a locked phone mean? What is an unlocked phone and what’s the difference between using a locked and an unlocked phone?


With a locked phone you are “locked” to your carrier. You can only use your locked phone with the carrier that it’s locked to – so if you are locked to T-Mobile you won’t be able to use your phone on any other network like Verizon or 02. Some network service providers lock your phone to locations or areas. This is a big setback for people who travel a lot because they won’t be able to use their phone in locations that the carrier chose.  To make it worse, some networks pre-install apps that you can’t delete. So why do people deal with all this stuff? Because networks usually sell their phones for a cheaper price if they are unlocked and most of the time the SIM card comes with a plan that you can’t avoid paying.

There are different ways of unlocking your phone. Your network can unlock it if a certain time has passed and some of them even ask you for a “termination fee”. You don’t have to unlock your phone by your network because you can get your phone unlocked by a third-party legally. You can use a local phone shop but most of them are swamped with tasks and you will have to wait some time and in some cases, pay a lot. The best way of unlocking your phone is if you do it online. There are websites like SafeUnlockCode where you can unlock your phone in a 5-minute process. It’s faster and cheaper than doing it any other way.


After you unlock your phone – you will be able to use it with any other SIM card from whatever network you choose. You can use your unlocked phone from locations all around the world and you can delete the pre-installed apps that previously came from your carrier. Unlocked phones are totally free of any limitations by carriers and their network services. You will still be able to use your unlocked phone on the network that you were previously locked to, but now you will have a lot more options and freedom. You can also sell your phone easier if it’s unlocked since people tend to buy the unlocked phones more.

It’s obvious that an unlocked phone is better than a locked one. Now that you know the differences of a locked phone versus an unlocked one – make sure to unlock your phone as soon as possible and be free from your carrier’s limitations.