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LuckyCrush: The Ultimate Online Chatting Platform


If you are tired of your mundane life and want to meet new people and make new friends then LuckyCrush is the ultimate online chat website that you can try. LuckyCrush is a new type of live random video chat website allowing you to connect with strangers and talk to them. You get to meet with people all around the globe making this a really fun way to interact. With the global lockdown due to coronavirus, we can safely assume that this is a perfect way of having fun while following social distancing norms. 

In this article, we are going to look at the different aspects of this amazing and easy to use online platform that is specially designed for random video chat with girls or guys.

One of the reasons why such online platforms are really popular among adults is because they are quite busy with their lives and are always looking for different ways through which they can interact with other people of the opposite gender. With their advanced technology and algorithm, random guys are matched with random girls and vice versa as the option of connecting with each other via chat or video call is there. LuckyCrush also lets you cam chat with strangers as you get to see them through your webcam.

You just have to visit the online platform on their official website and register yourself to start video chat with strangers. You can easily use this platform on your desktop or any other device as there is no need for you to download any application as well. Since its launch in 2019, LuckyCrush has more than 1 million members across the globe. Once you are done with the registration you can start with the video chat. You can also browse through a few partners in order to experience the platform before you register yourself.

Here, if you are keen on changing your partner, you can easily do that with a simple click on the NEXT button that you see on the primary screen of the website. You can chat with anyone for as long as you want until one of the partners click on the NEXT button.

A Few Things That You Know About LuckyCrush:

  • LuckyCrush is not your typical dating website as you are paired up with random strangers. This is purely ephemeral as you never share any of your personal information with the strangers that you chat with. 

  • Moreover, since only get to chat with the strangers virtually and all this virtual experience is limited to the platform you can maintain anonymity. 
  • Besides that, you are also free to hide your face and the username is the only thing that is visible to all the other members you can keep your personal information completely safe. In addition to that, you are also prohibited to share any personal information while texting another person. 

All this is there to maintain the anonymity of users while protecting their identity as they browse through the platform. 

In order to maintain the male and female ratio on the platform, the registrations are regulated by the platform to provide optimum experience to its users. This way you get an unmatched pairing speed as you look for online partners. Considering all this, you can say that LuckyCrush is “virtual flirting through a live video chat with random partners”.

Since the platform is relatively new in its space and is constantly developing, the same gender matchmaking process is under study and users can expect a dedicated chat site in this space shortly as well. 

Final Verdict 

With an increase in registration of about 50% during this lockdown, LuckyCrush is getting really popular among the target age group. If you are looking to chat with a complete stranger then LuckyCrush is a completely safe and perfect online platform for you.