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Marketing Tips You Need For Your Indie Game


As game development continues to evolve, we can expect the process to become even more accessible. We can observe this in how indie games have become even more popular today. And with platforms such as Steam and crowdfunding networks such as Patreon, we are seeing an emergence of a new generation of game developers who are out to change the industry, without a lot of resources.

If you’re a game developer yourself, you should be able to jump into the idea of creating your own indie titles. But as far as selling your products go, you will have to use the right approaches in terms of marketing them.

Considering the high amount of competition that prevails in the indie sector at the moment, it’s wise to use the strategies that have been developed and improved upon by past game developers. Let’s look at some of the strategies you should be using to generate sales and, maybe, give yourself a reason to develop a follow-up title.

1. Create a great trailer for your title

Trailers are a great way of telling the market that you have fresh and revolutionary idea in store. Sure enough, most gamers can judge a game before giving it a test run. Trailers, in this sense, are useful because they can fill your audience in on the things you want to highlight in your game. Add in a call to action, and you get yourself a great hook for your product.

Titles such as Agony and We Happy Few were able to garner high sales upon their release, and they did so using previews of the mechanics as well as their overall feel. However, when you’re creating game trailers, you will have to be sure it mirrors the actual look and feel of the game. A great trailer won’t make up for the drying up of sales if your audience realizes the experiences from the trailer are not available.

2. Use the power of social media

Given the limited resources you have, you won’t be able to create extravagant marketing strategies as bigger game developers do. You can only do so much with the channels and finances you already have to market your indie game.

Fortunately, social media is here to save the day, and by promoting your game across sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, you can definitely create campaigns that won’t cost you a lot. Another approach is to buy Instagram likes, which can help you build brand authority and spread influence across the indie game market.

3. Start writing stellar press releases

Content is king, and this is true in the games industry where buyers depend on the information you give via press releases. Whether you choose to publish your PR materials on your blog or have them published via authority sites, you may want to make sure you write really enticing copy.

If the game is still in development, you may add certain information on what you’re currently doing or give your audience an idea of what the game is all about. The trick here is to stimulate your audience’s interest in your game without giving too much away. For this, the context and setting of the game are enough to convey what it’s exactly all about.