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Top 7 Mobile App Trends to Look out for in 2019


The way we use mobile apps in our day to day life has dramatically evolved over the last three of four years.

We use mobile apps for a number of daily tasks that we perform, for example, booking a cab via Uber, ordering food online via Deliveroo or searching for a place to rent for our next vacation on Airbnb.

We no longer take to our desktop or even call someone anymore. We expect a fast instant mobile solution.

Our latest blog post is all about the hottest mobile app development trends to watch out for in 2019. It is sure to be a big year for mobile once again.

Mobile app development is a field that is known to be one of the fastest growing industries and it is also forecasted that there are no signs to indicate it will slow down.

Let’s dive in and have a look at the top mobile application trends that will directly impacting the app development industry throughout 2019.

1. Healthcare Augmented Reality (VR) & Virtual Reality (VR)

First up on our list of the top 7 mobile app development trends to look out for in 2019 is AR & VR for the healthcare sector.

A majority of people believe that the year 2019 will be the year of the ‘Beyond the Screen’ Apps that means applications integrating the AR and VR technology. For us, technologies like Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) have now become something that combines a futuristic approach with the entertainment aspect.

One of the most famous AR app, Pokemon Go was a game that actually explained the concept of augmented reality with practical usage.

We envisage AR and VR being put to more practical use in the future, more likely to witness a Augmented reality  role in the healthcare industry for performing complicated surgeries and operations.

2. Cloud Mobile Applications No Longer a Luxury

One of the most popular app types we use at our mobile app development agency is the usage of cloud apps. Dropbox, gmail and hubspot are some of our favourites and make it into the day to day of each of our app developers working days.

For sometime now cloud applications have been seen as a luxury rather than a necessity. In 2019 we predict that all to change.

Using cloud technology certainly has many benefits to it, such as reduced operational as well as hosting cost, expandable storage space, high level of productivity, and excellent uninterrupted performance.

It has also been seen that many security-related concerns are nowadays solved with the help of cloud computing which makes the mobile apps reliable, secure and fast

3. Seamless In App Search Feature

This next mobile app trend is mainly calling out iOS devices, the in-app search feature that has already made its way in Android applications. Basically, this is an upgrade to the User Experience (UX) standard for mobile apps.

In 2019 we will start to see more iOS mobile apps utilise this feature and help improve the overall experience for users.

4. Wearable Tech Must have Accessory

We predict that in 2019 wearable tech will become a must have fashion accessory.

It is estimated that the total revenue from sales of wearable devices will reach a threshold of $33.78 billion by 2019. This will eventually lead towards the substantial growth of the scope of wearables in the years to come.

The wearable sector is mainly focused on providing apps that are cost-efficient and that can offer greater availability to the end-users.

Today, there is an alarming increase in healthcare diseases and risks that are caused due to the poor lifestyle of the people. This is an area where wearable tech and our other top app development trend for 2019.

5. IoT – Mobile Connected Smart Objects

Now, with the help of these different elements, the IoT objects are able to collect as well as exchange data without any requirement of human interaction. The Internet of Things is considered to be a game changer technology in the world of app development. Samsung, Bosch, Honeywell, Philips and Xiaomi are the main players that are holding the market share a majority of mobile-connected smart objects.

Due to the recent advancements in the Internet of Things, we are now able to use include mobile-connected smart objects in our day-to-day lifestyle. Other than that, cloud technology and low-power sensors have transformed these smart objects into a rapidly growing industry.

We are expecting big things from IoT in 2019 hence why we have included this on our list of the app development trends to look out for this coming year.

6. Location AND Motion Sensing

We are all well aware of apps using our location to send us notifications. In 2019 we predict that motion will also start to enhance user experience in mobile apps.

Motion sensing mobile applications can be used to tackle issues like anti-theft, power-saving, and security whereas location sensing apps are highly used for games, geotagging features, fitness applications, and vehicle navigation.

7. Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

From the last two years, the use of AI i.e. Artificial Intelligence technology has skyrocketed as a number of products and services are making it big with the implementation of A.I. Along with machine learning objectives, AI is also providing businesses with valuable insights through the means of advanced analytics.

One stat that really back up why we will continue to see the app development trend continue to grow in 2019 is that It is estimated that the AI industry will reach up to a total value of more than $40 billion by the end of the year 2020.

Mobile App Development Trends 2019 and Beyond!

We hope firstly you have enjoyed this article and we have helped you with great insights of top mobile app development trends in 2019.

Much like recent years 2019 will be full of change and improvement and it is up to companies to keep up with the ever changing app development trends.