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Office Gadgets To Increase Your Productivity And Efficiency


The smartphone is an all-encompassing tool, but it cannot do everything. Moreover, technology advancements and innovations are not just happening within the smartphone domain. In fact, the majority of the sleeker and cool tech innovations have little to do with mobile phones. If you think certain aspects of your job can be done in a much efficient manner, you are right. The following are a few cool office gadgets you may consider.

Self-Stirring Mug

A self-stirring mug may sound too lazy to have. But if you don’t stir your beverages well or want to save the few seconds of awkwardness that come with stirring tea, you need this mug. The mug has a small propeller at its base, which is turned on with the push of a button that’s located in the mug’s handle. The mug is battery-powered (AA batteries) and can be set into action with a mere button-press. According to some people, the mug is ideal for hot chocolate since it eliminates all the powder clumps that stay behind irrespective of how well it’s being mixed.

Pocket Scanner

A scanner may not be the coolest piece of technology out there. But if the scanner can be pocketed, it’s a different story altogether. A pocket scanner is capable of capturing high-quality scans of text, diagrams and also images. There are different brands of pocket scanners out there and actual capabilities could vary across brands. To make the scanner work, you should press a button and then slide it over and across the subject material. Unlike average scanners, a pocket scanner usually weighs a few hundred grams. Though there are apps that can make a scanner out of a phone, they are no match to a dedicated scanner.

Electric Stapler

Technology has left almost nothing untouched. Behold the electric stapler. These staplers are becoming quite a rage within office circles as they help fasten documents much faster and efficiently than conventional staplers. In fact, some electric staplers can staple more than 70 sheets simultaneously. People who have tried stapling multiple documents manually would know how difficult the task is. Another reason electric staplers are replacing manual staplers is there is no pain associated with using electric staplers. Generally, a manual stapler entails repetitive motions that could cause carpal tunnel syndrome and other medical conditions induced by repetitive motion. This is particularly the case when there are more than a handful of documents requiring stapling.

Unique Digital Art Pen

Most design work begins on paper. Even digital designs are first sketched on paper and then scanned onto a computer. The unique digital pen that we are talking about here records all paper sketching strokes electronically, negating the need to scan the drawing. The pen basically looks like a ball pen and can be used on any regular sheet of paper. The strokes saved could be transported to a computer for additional editing. Digital artists who like to start their work traditionally despite having the option to sketch directly on a computer display would find this pen quite handy.