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Official iPhone Unlocks vs Jail-Breaking iPhones


When you have a new or second hand iPhone it can be very frustrating that your handheld device is locked to one specific network, so many people opt for unlocking or jail-breaking their electronics in order to switch the network.


Unlocking an iPhone or iPad will enable you to put any network sim card in the phone to use it – anywhere in the world, well as jail-breaking your Apple products will allow you to both unlock your phone and download products from places other than the official Apple app store.

Both ways to unlock your phone can have great advantages for your handset, as well as what it is capable of doing – however there are some bigger and often over looked problems with jail-breaking.


As Apple has such tight controls on the apps that run on iOS systems, Apple users can only download apps from the Apple Store. There are thousands of apps in the Apple Store, however other systems such as Android, have a different range of apps.

Jail-breaking your iPhone or iPad is the name given for the process of removing these app store limitations and allows the user to download third party apps and apps that haven’t been approved by Apple.

  • Jail-breaking your iPhone or iPad is easy to do online.
  • It opens up your app market and offers paid apps for free.
  • It is often free, cheap and very easy to use.
  • It unlocks the phone to other sim cards.
  • You can change the appearance on your iPhone and iPad, a lot more than you can on unbroken device.
  • Jail-breaking is not illegal – however it will void your Apple warranty.
  • You will not be able to perform iOS updates (iOS updates will lock you back out of the phone, meaning you need to jail-break it once again.
  • Unauthorised apps may cause viruses and put you at risk for malware.
  • You compromise the security of the phone, allowing app producers to enter your phone through the app.


Most networks or mobile phone carriers lock iPhone and iPads sold through them, to their own network – meaning you can get a free or discounted handset when you opt for a contract with them, but also meaning when you put a new sim card the phone will reject the sim – deeming the phone almost useless.

Unlocking the phone means having the lock lifted from the device, enabling you to place any sim in the phone, in any country of the world – without a problem*.

  • It is cheap.
  • It just takes a couple of hours and all you need is an IMEI number and wireless connection.
  • It is completely legal.
  • It lasts a lifetime – despite iOS updates.
  • You can use the phone with any sim in any country.
  • You keep your Apple warranty.
  • It is the exact same phone that can simply accept different sim cards.
  • It doesn’t open up your access to outside of Apple apps.
  • You cannot personalise the phone.

*Please note older iPhones and iPads may only support CDMA cannot be used on a GSM network, however this doesn’t affect recent models.