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Online Casinos – The Evolution


Discover the evolution of online casinos! For that, let’s go back to more than 20 years ago. It goes without saying that online casinos evolved from land-based casinos, which date even further back! It all started with the first casino game, Roulette created in 1657 by a French scientist, Blaise Pascal. A couple of years later, Roly-Poly was introduced in England, in 1720. It was the forerunner of the present Roulette game.

Want to know when the first casino building was created? It was back in 1638in Venice, Italy and its name was Ridotto. It was a wing of the Venice Palazzo Dandolo, owned by the government. Ridotto was also the central location where they wanted to legalise gambling. Two types of games were played at the casino, namely: Biribi and Basetta which was a mix of Blackjack, Poker and Gin Rummy. However, in 1774, Ridotto had to close.

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It was in America that land-based casinos grew in popularity.It started with the creation of saloons. Inside, there was a bar and a few tables. It quickly turned into a place where people could play games like cards against money. This continued until gambling became illegal, except for the State of Nevada. Soon, many big casinos were established in Nevada. With the advent of more and more casinos, several other states legalised gambling. As a result, over 900 casinos are found in America today.

The face of the gambling industry has considerably changed. With the advent of new technologies, online casinos have grown in popularity. The first online casinos started when the Antigua and Barbuda government allowinginternet-based gambling by passing the 1994 Free Trade and Processing Act. This opened doors to various online casinos. Today, they are considered as a global industry.

Since the 1990s, online casinos offer a wider variety of games for all tastes, not limited to space on a gaming floor. It is believed that the first fully functioning online casino was Gaming Club. Since then, numerous online casinos came into existence and this revolutionised the online gambling world. Today, anyone can enjoy various games from the comforts of their homes. Plus, they can play these games on their mobile phones as more and more online casino websites are turning fully responsive.

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Online casinos never cease to innovate with the arrival of newer technologies. They are more and more present on mobile devices, which means better access and convenience. Most of them are real-money casinos, while others provide games for fun. The online gambling industry is growing by leaps and bounds. Since Virtual Reality is the next craze, it is a possibility that it will be implemented by most online casinos in the future.

Today, online casinos are seeing a consistent growth which is set to continue, especially with the addition of newer technologies like AR or VR. All these changes can revolutionise the entire online gambling world.