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Online Purchasing On The Go: Creating Mobile Friendly Shops For Your Business


Have you ever felt the need to rush back home, even when you are already halfway through your rush hour drive, because you forgot your mobile phone? Did life feel incomplete, nay, even unbearable without your phone in hand?

You and millions of other people share the same sentiment. Technology in this day and age have encapsulated the very meaning of life- – fast, convenient and adaptive. Whatever is the easiest to access is the more favored option, which in this case is an all- in-one palm-size gadget.

Adapting in the mobile era

When 99% of the earth’s population uses their mobile phones 99% of the time, it is a new-age marketer’s responsibility to ensure that your business is accessible via mobile. People are always on the go and online merchandising has become second nature. Online shopping has skyrocketed over the last five years alone and this marketing phenomenon is very telling — customers prefer it done with just one click.

The emergence of mobile applications have also cemented all of these marketing facts. But not all business owners, especially startups, have the financial resources to fund their own mobile application development. That is why it is very important to source a website builder like Sitebeat PH, that already includes the mobile responsive functionality in its package

Prioritise simplicity and usability rather than flash and design

Mobile-friendly websites are typically lighter, allowing customers to gain access to a site that loads fast and easy to navigate. Imagine booking a last minute connecting flight on your mobile and the airline’s website is hard to view, with almost microscopic fonts and images. This is a sure fire way in losing customers.

With a website builder, you do not need to worry about all of these scenarios. The plug-and-play website templates available are automatically built to be responsive to all mobile and tablet renditions.

They also provide you with the ease of editing or customizing your website while in transit. Managing updates on your website via your smartphone saves you a lot of time and keeps your website’s information fresh.

Highlight your unique offers on the first fold of the mobile

When you open mobile shopping websites and apps, the first thing you will see are promos being offered on the site. This tells the customer immediately that they can avail of a discount or a limited-time buy 3 take 1 offer.

Remember that when you are offering promos where they can save more and get good value for the money they will spend, highlight them on the first fold of the mobile.

You should also make sure that your most popular items has their own spot on the homepage of your mobile page. It acts as positive social proof which will encourage them to make a purchase and continue browsing your shop.

The key to business longevity is being flexible with your strategies. If more people browse through mobile than on their desktops, then you will have to adapt to this change in consumer behaviour quickly to profit from it. Do not be left out and start creating your very own mobile page now.