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Overcome Scheduling Challenges With School Timetable Software


The optimal school timetable achieves balance for both students and teachers when it comes to delivering the course curriculum. Classes should be spread as evenly as possible to create the optimal lesson flow that gives students the greatest chance of understanding class content and maximizing their learning,


School enrolment software has become increasingly relied upon to help the administration with creating the optimal timetable for both students and staff. Learn which major challenges can be overcome by utilizing school timetable software, to save your team time and the frustration often involved with creating the optimal schedule.

1.Time Blocking: compulsory classes and school events are often blocked out to avoid future clashes, but this typically results in limited flexibility for the rest of the week

time blocking

2. Split Classes: Time restrictions often mean some classes must be split into two smaller time slots to fit within the existing schedule. If implemented, it is important to consider a student’s need for continuity and lesson flow, which is crucial for learning and success

3. Part-time Staff: with some teachers only available during certain days of the week, your timetable must allow for such flexibility to cater to such constraints

part time staff

4. Designated classrooms: to support teachers preference toward teaching out of a single classroom, a timetable must take this into account to provide both students and teachers with stability and consistency.

5. Optimal Flow for Students: scheduling should be consistent and avoid large gaps in time between classes of the same subject

6. Even Distribution for Teachers: Classes should be evenly spread throughout the week to avoid having overly busy and available days

For a solution that tackles these challenges and allows for flexibility that benefits both students and teachers, learn more about Tribal Group’s SchoolEdge and its timetable and student recruitment management capabilities by watching an online demonstration on their website.