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PDF WIZ — An Intuitive, Straightforward PDF Converter with Editing Capabilities


It’s really a bummer that Microsoft Windows does not have a fully-fledged PDF editor by default. There may be a PDF viewer, but that does not just cut it. As sad as things are at this point, you will have to convert and edit your PDF documents every once in a while. On the bright side, you can now have a PDF toolkit that can double as a PDF editor and PDF converter suite. In this article, we wanted you to meet one of those apps in town — PDF WIZ. This would be a short review of PDF WIZ and how it would help professionals who have to deal with a lot of PDF files and other documents every day.

What Is PDF WIZ?

First things first, PDF WIZ is a free-to-use PDF converter tool that is available for Windows. This tool lets you convert PDF files into other popular document formats like PPT, DOCX etc. and vice versa. While this outlines the basic idea behind PDF WIZ, there is a lot of things that this intuitive program can do.

Note that it includes making changes to your PDF document too. We are not talking about fully-fledged PDF editing here, though. The best part is that PDF WIZ has been designed and optimized for a wide variety of user communities.

It does not matter whether you are a student or an employee who has to process thousands of documents a day. PDF WIZ has the right collection of features to help you meet the goals on time. Now that you’ve the basics clear about PDF WIZ; shall we check out how it performs?

About The UI

We said this earlier, but we won’t hesitate to repeat. PDF WIZ has one of the most intuitive UI designs we’ve ever seen. Instead of troubling you with multiple menus and sidebars like other programs seem to do, PDF WIZ has decided to offer you quick shortcuts. When you open up the program, you can see a few buttons to each of tasks that can be done.

As you can see, there is a huge button for converting PDF files into Word, Excel, PowerPoint, TXT and HTML. This happens in a single click and is the most hassle-free if you ask me. There are also ways to convert other files to PDF. Right below the big button, you have dedicated buttons for converting Images to PDF and Word to PDF. Both of these are widely used features if you think about it.

Standard Tasks

Conversion speeds with PDF WIZ are great indeed. Of course, you have to go through some steps to get the job done. Once you have opened the right wizard, PDF WIZ would ask you to drag and drop the PDF file into the interface. And, as the conversion process happens, you can know the real-time status as well as some of the other details like file name, file size, page number etc.

Once the conversion is done, PDF WIZ would save the file for you as well. Word to PDF conversion is one of the most-used tasks out there and the programs excels in that task. At the end of the day, you have fewer things to worry about.

Additional Features

These features come under the category of PDF editing. It needs to be noted that PDF WIZ is not letting you edit the content of PDF documents. Instead, the program would be helping you do tasks like Merge, Split, Image Extraction, Compression and PDF Password Management. These may sound lame if you are a normal user, though.

For someone who manages multiple PDF documents a day, these features are no less than a blessing. The fact that you can extract images from a PDF document in a jiffy is a time-saver for a lot of data processors I personally know.

You cannot consider PDF WIZ as a fully-fledged PDF editor if you ask us. However, there are instances when you don’t need those badass editors but want to settle for something middle ground. In those instances, it makes more sense to go with PDF WIZ.

The Bottom Line

PDF WIZ is definitely a great choice if you need an effective PDF converter with some additional features. In terms of PDF to Word conversion or Word to PDF conversion, PDF WIZ is just the best. You have the best-in-class speed and performance. In case of additional features, however, there are certain drawbacks. Even so, you are getting enough for what you pay.