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Photography Tech Products That Will Help Improve Your Snaps


Anyone who’s ever taken a cool looking photo of a sunset thinks it’s the greatest thing ever. You might fancy yourself a professional photographer, or a budding filmmaker. However, the sad reality is we’re only just scratching the surface.

Photography is bigger than ever before, and that brings with it a tonne of useful products and accessories. There are always things you can do to improve the clarity of your photos. If you’re looking to get into the professional side of cinematics, getting your hands on equipment such as the Bausch and Lomb Super Baltar can greatly improve your prospective shots. So, whether you’re an iPhone junkie or prefer a DSLR, check out these products that could aid your photography game.



Improve shot lighting with flash guns

Most DLSR cameras, and pretty much all cameras in general, have a built-in flash. That being said, there are a few reasons why a separate flash gun should be on your list.

One, they’re far more powerful than the built-in ones, and can be tilted and swivelled to adjust light output. You don’t even have to use them on camera. You can use them off camera for a more widespread illumination, and even use numerous flash guns for a multiple light setup.

Reduce shot shakiness with steadicams

No matter how steady your hand it, there will always be some movement. That’s where steadicams come in. They can stop footage from blurring or distorting, cleaning up your image greatly. By isolating the camera from your movement, it ensures a much clearer shot.

Steadicams come in all shapes and sizes, from handheld ones to mountable ones you just place on the floor. You can even buy one for your iPhone! This allows you great versatility in your shots, as you’ll have a steadicam for every scenario.

Trigger your camera remotely with remote releases

There are an absolute tonne of reasons why you’d want to trigger your camera remotely, and remote releases help you do just that. Wireless remotes help you take shots with the camera operator in the frame, meaning nobody gets left out.

Or, even better, they help you retain camera stability. When you push the shutter on a camera, you can often wobble the camera, distorting a shot. However, remote triggers mean you don’t have to touch the device at all, maintaining the integrity of your shots.

Before you invest in a remote release, check if your camera has a built-in timer option. You may be able to set your camera to snap ten seconds or so after you punch the shutter, negating the need for a remote trigger.

Block unwanted light with barn doors

However hard you try, lighting won’t always be perfect. Luckily, there is a way to block out those rays you don’t want. Barn doors can block light from all four angles, allowing you to choose the ones you want.

Most barn door units are made of a thin metal, making them both sturdy and lightweight. It’s a worthwhile investment for users of any skill level, because you can’t always control your surroundings!

Photography is an art form, and that means it requires attention. Everyone from smartphone users to professional photographers can have a go at the hobby, so get out there and get snapping!