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Pieces Of Equipment You Need For Your Warehouse


When expanding your business into your first warehouse, you’ll need to take a number of steps to prepare for this expansion. In addition to finding a suitable space, hiring new staff, and obtaining products to fill the warehouse, you’ll need to invest in some equipment to keep the building operating smoothly. Consider renting or buying the following pieces of equipment for your new warehouse.

Scissor Lifts

Image via Flickr by billjacobus1

If you’re not familiar with scissor lifts, they are a loadable platform that rises up and down. This type of lift is invaluable for moving heavy boxes onto tall shelves. All your employees have to do is load the platform and press a button to move the lift into the air.

However, since scissor lifts are expensive to buy outright, you may want to consider renting a scissor lift instead. You’ll likely only use this type of lift on inventory days or product delivery days. Rent a lift a few times each month to keep your items organized and accurate without overspending your budget.

Industrial Shelving

Naturally, in order for lift equipment such as scissor lifts to be useful to you, you’ll need shelves on which to store products. Since you’ll have many products on those shelves, invest in industrial shelving meant to hold large amounts of weight. Consider a few different types of shelves, including rivet shelving, cantilever racks, and pallet racks.

With rivet shelving, you can choose between single rivets and double rivets. For superior strength, choose double rivet shelves, as these types of shelves can hold between 1,300 to 1,500 pounds per shelf on average.

Cantilever shelves, however, are good for storing items that are long, such as wood, poles, pipes, and other items. The most versatile type of shelving is pallet racks, which allow you to easily load and unload inventory.

Loading Dock

When products are delivered to your warehouse, you’ll need a way to get them safely inside. A loading dock simplifies the process by creating a raised platform for delivery trucks. Instead of having to carry material down and out of the truck, all loaders need to do is pull the contents out of the truck bed.

You may want to consider several pieces of dock equipment. Docks bumpers fit over the edges of the opening to prevent heavy items from damaging the building, while wheel chocks go behind the tires of the delivery truck to prevent the vehicle from moving during unloading. You may also want a dock ramp or dock board to enable a swifter and more stable connection between the truck and your building.

Other Warehouse Accessories

Depending on the size of your warehouse, you may want to consider some other items. Conveyor belts help you quickly transport items from one side of the building to another, while packaging equipment is important for your shipping process. Use bins and containers as well to help you stay organized.

By outfitting your warehouse with the above pieces of equipment, you’ll be prepared for the process of receiving and sending goods. Your warehouse can run efficiently and effectively no matter how busy your business gets.