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Right On Queue – Sensible Strategies For Staying On Top Of Customer Support Requests


It can be difficult for support agents when the queue of requests builds up and the inbox just keeps on getting fuller. The situation can be stressful, and the common reaction is to panic. But when this happens, mistakes are made, and some requests can end up not being resolved properly or on time.

So how should you stay on top of customer support queues and deal with them effectively?

Here are some strategies you can incorporate into your team of support agents to ensure that you reduce the chances of queues causing problems.

Use Excellent Service Desk Software

First of all, a lot of problems can be resolved by using reputable service desk software. With the right software in place, which comes with powerful tools to help you manage your support requests properly, you can cut down on problems with queues and provide better customer service.

For example, a service desk solution like SysAid can be useful in this situation because it comes with many of the tools that you need to manage help requests effectively. So look into the options available, and choose a solution that will help your support agents to manage their requests more efficiently.

Choose a System to Follow

Next, you’ll want to have a clear system in place to help you manage your requests with greater ease as they come in. One option is to simply answer the requests in the order that they arrive in a first come, first served approach.

This is often the easiest solution, especially for smaller teams, and it can help you to stay on top of the requests in a timely fashion.

However, another option is to prioritize requests. Perhaps you have certain customers who you don’t want to keep waiting, or certain problems that are more serious and need to be dealt with sooner. In this situation, prioritization can be a good solution. However, it depends on your business, and either system can work, so choose a system that works for you and then stick to it.

Help Customers to Help Themselves

You may find that many of the support tickets are focused on the same problem. If you start to get multiple requests for the same topic, you might want to add this to a knowledge base complete with all the most common problems and answers so customers can find out the answer themselves.

This makes it faster and more convenient for your customers, and it also saves you time and helps to cut down the queue so you can focus on the more important problems. Keep adding to your knowledge base over time to add problems that customers can resolve themselves, and this could help to reduce queues.

Respond Quickly

Always make sure you send an immediate reply to a help request, which you can do using an automated reply system. Once customers have an acknowledgment that their request has been received, and they know that you are working on it, this gives you more time to work on resolving it.

It also prevents customers from sending another request. If you don’t reply, they may think that their request has not been received, so they might send another request and start adding to the queue.

Set Up Email Templates

Another good idea is to set up email templates for common responses. This is another time-saving technique for your support agents, that allows them to respond to more tickets more quickly, helping them to reduce their queues without having to type out the same response over and over again.

Use Automation Where You Can

Automation can be excellent for customer support because it can get rid of the mundane elements of the job. It can help you to keep on top of requests and ensure tickets are assigned correctly, provide your agents with notifications when a ticket becomes overdue, and also reduce human error, all of which can help to cut queues.

Create a Segmented System

It’s also a good idea to segment your tickets based on the types of requests that you receive.

For example, you might have certain requests for the IT team and others for the finance team, and you want to ensure that the requests go to the right team immediately. This will ensure they get dealt with sooner, helping to reduce queues and improve customer satisfaction.

Cut Down Your Queues and Make Everyone Happy

Shorter customers support queues will help to keep your staff happy as well as your customers. Long support queues can be stressful, and they can increase the risk of human error as your agents try to speed up their process and make mistakes.

So follow these tips to improve your customer support system and reduce queues, leading to a more satisfactory experience for everyone.