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SCDKey.Com — The Best Key Marketplace To Get Your Dream Software At Dream Rates


In the course of time, setting up a PC or purchasing a PlayStation has become more affordable. However, it’s not been the case with software products for these devices. Even today, you have to pay 10% to 50% of the device’s price to purchase Windows software or PlayStation titles! And, let’s not talk about the prices of the Windows 10 keys — they have been skyrocketing for years. If you were to purchase a computer with all your pocket money, you’d still want a few hundred dollars to get the adequate software inside. And, this is a main reason why most people go for pirated software, thus compromising security and privacy. This is also a main reason why a website like SCDKey is now quite relevant.

What is SCDKey?

SCDKey is actually a key marketplace. In a more understanding sense, we should consider it as a marketplace for software license keys. So, instead of purchasing the software products directly, you can buy them from SCDKey.com, which is as secure and reliable as the official marketplace. Then, the story depends upon what type of software you have bought. For instance, if you bought a Windows 10 Pro license, you can go ahead to Microsoft website and validate the license key.

Why You Should Use It?

We hope you get the concept here. Depending on the software you are purchasing, SCDKey.com would help you save 10% to 90%. Trust me on this: no company is ever going to offer you 90% discount on their software products, even if it’s going to bankrupt. So, when you have already spent a good amount of money in getting your dream hardware for PC or purchasing a PlayStation, SCDKey is the best place to get the software. You’d also be able to get software like Microsoft Office 2016 Professional Plus.

Purchasing Keys from SCDKey

Getting your favorite software from SCDKey is as easy as a piece of cake. You would need an account on the website, since it stores all your license keys in a safe place. In case you did not know, SCDKey has an amazing collection of software for PC, Steam, Origin, PlayStation, Xbox and UPlay. Along with these, you can find work software for Windows too. For instance, there are different versions of Microsoft Office. In addition to most individual software, SCDKey also offers bundles like Windows 10 Home OEM + Office 2016 Professional Plus.

More importantly, SCDKey features an amazing collection of popular games. You can purchase these for an extremely lower rate too. The case is the same for PC, Steam and Console games. You can count in SCDKey if you are finding it hard to fund money for gaming titles too. So, regardless if it’s about games or software, you can open SCDKey.com and select the title you want.

Once you click the Buy Now button, you will have to sign into the account or create one. After that, go ahead and pay the minimal amount. SCDKey also offers a wonderful code — SKDEvip12% — that lets you save up to 12% extra on the purchase. If you are planning to purchase bundled package, this coupon is like the icing on the cake.

For instance, we can take the bundle named Windows 10 Pro OEM + Office 2016 Professional Plus CD Keys Pack. It would originally cost you more than $300 on the Microsoft website. However, at SCDKey, you would simply pay around $38 and go home with the wonderful package. Sounds awesome, doesn’t it? Every key you have purchased will be present in your My Accounts page.

The Bottom Line

The next time you have some software to purchase, SCDKey.com is the best place for sure. You do not have to spend a fortune when you need a license key of Windows 10 Pro or Office 2016. It’s all there at prices you cannot imagine. Just so you know, SCDKey also has a flexible refund and replacement option, which makes the service even reliable.