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Setting The Trend With Stickers


Trendsetters are buying up hydroflasks and other types of water bottles right and left. With health crazes on the rise (and let’s face it, when are they not?), a lot of people are toting water bottles around with them wherever they go.

Hydroflasks are stainless steel water bottles. They keep your water cold for hours and prevent the contamination that comes from plastic. But a lot of times, they’re pretty plain Jane. The cool steel might be trendy, but you can promote your business on them, too!

MakeStickers custom waterproof stickers will adhere securely to any water bottle and they won’t come off with sweating, dripping, or washing!

Here are some awesome ideas for custom stickers for your business.

 1Do Conferences, Trade Shows, And More.

The sticker trend is in full force at places where you might set up a booth and hand out freebies. Sure, you could put a stack of stickers on your table and watch them disappear, but that’s a little boring.

Instead, adhere them to plastic water bottles and give people a reason to want to take them. It’s a great way to give them something useful and create walking advertisements all over your city or state.

 2. Sell Them In Your Store.

Buying custom waterproof stickers in bulk means you can sell them in your store. Your best brand advocates are those who already shop with you, so set a stack of stickers on the counter and sell them cheap.

Your customers can decorate laptops, notebooks, or any of their personal items with these stickers and create more advertising for your business.

Don’t forget to sell the water bottles, too.

 3. Sponsor Or Host Charity Events.

As a local business, you should really do all you can to give back to the local community. It builds morale, relationships, and awareness. Sponsoring races, participating in obstacle courses, and hosting fundraisers are great ways to show the community you care and give a little something to those in need.

Promotional items for these events can raise awareness for the event, the charity, and your business.

Distribute stickers in all forms in preparation for the event. Put stickers on water bottles and other athletic gear for a race or make collaborative themed stickers in the charity’s logo colors.

Make sure you also hand them out on the day of the event!

4. Create More Than One Design.

When it comes to stickers, is enough ever enough? Especially for people who are crazy about your brand, they’ll love the idea of a fresh new look or an updated spin on an old idea.

Keeping your sticker collection updated gives them something new to get excited about every time they see you, and it costs close to nothing compared to other promotional materials.

In fact, stickers are some of the cheapest (and must fun) marketing you can buy. They spark conversations, get the creative juices flowing, and make people smile.

5. Always Remember That Everyone Loves Stickers.

It’s hard to say why people love stickers so much. But you can’t deny that from a young age, there was something strangely satisfying about putting stickers everywhere. Especially in places where you knew you weren’t supposed to.

Now that you’re grown, wouldn’t you love an excuse to put stickers everywhere? The answer is always yes, and it’s likely a huge percentage of your client base agrees.

Don’t be shy. Put stickers on your point of sale counter, your front door, and around your shop to show off how great stickers look on everything. Then sell them at the front for all of those impulse purchases people can’t resist.

It’s foolproof marketing, and it’s so easy.

Custom waterproof stickers from MakeStickers are a fun and simple way to create brand recognition and encourage everyone to have a good time talking about your products and services.

Order today! And don’t forget the water bottles!