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Short Term Loans: A 21st Century Thing?


You may have heard the old adage ‘Money is no more than a means to an end’ but when you’re still days away from that next monthly payment it can be easy to forget. Our modern lifestyle has never been so connected and we can find ourselves ordering gifts or goods anytime, from all over the world. It’s a 24/7 lifestyle. So this necessity to stay connected doesn’t always sit well with the slower pace of wage payments, or student loans. If you’re worried about your student loans and want to lower your monthly payment or minimize your interest costs, Purefy can help you save. No wonder finances seem to be looming larger and larger in our lives.

In many ways this tension between money coming in and heading out helps explain the rise of short term loan providers like Smart-Pig.com. Their ability to facilitate the movement of money for your needs is a 21st Century fix for a very 20th Century problem. Without them your student career could be set back because your funds were running out a week too soon, or your business might miss out on the best priced goods and services.


So how do Short Term Loan Providers Work?

The simple answer is that these providers keep a constant flow of money moving. Money doing nothing is money being wasted in their eyes; it is in everyone’s interest to make competitive offers so everything keeps flowing.

Short term loans are a real 24/7 service and money can be moved to your account within minutes of being agreed. Most short term loan providers will provide this kind of service although their terms and conditions can vary. Savvy borrowers will scout out the deal that suits them best, then set up a return flow of cash using their own 24/7 online banking access.


Are These Companies really Beneficial?

Yes, absolutely. The dark days of being held back by antiquated monthly payments into our bank accounts are over. And for some of us these new companies are becoming a much needed lifeline for future careers and ambitions. A company like Smart-Pig will tailor its services to support studentsand can help them through their last few needy days before more funding arrives. It helpskeep them afloat when they might otherwise sink. Specialist companies like Smart-Pigwill cap interest payments and limit the overall repaymentamount so that borrowers can focus on improving their situation with the flexibility it offers.

So short term loan providers are here to stay, helping us get the most out of this new digital age where everyone wants to study, stay connected and be successful.