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Should You Rent Extra Computers To Make Up For Staffing Deficiencies?


If you are the proud owner of your own small business, you already know well that your business is only as productive and profitable as your staffing and equipment will allow it to be. If you are running desperately short on either of these two critical factors, the day to day running of your business is bound to suffer. When you are faced with shortages of either staff or equipment, you may not always have the luxury to simply go out and acquire more of both. In some situations, you may be forced to make a crucial choice.

Do You Really Need More Staff? Or Is It Better To Get More Computers?

Staffing-firmFor example, when the question comes down to the crunch, should you hire more staff, even if it’s only temporary, such as during tax time or a major holiday? Or should you simply hire more computers through a rental service? If equipping your employees with a few necessary tools of the trade can be accomplished through a series of timely iPad rentals, then you really don’t have all that much to worry about.

But if it’s a question of your employees desperately needing more computers, rental may be the temporary option that pulls your bacon out of the fire at an extremely critical juncture. Renting extra computers to cover an emergency situation is a quick, convenient, and cost effective option that saves you the time and hassle required to interview a whole slew of new employees for positions that won’t exist once the holidays are over.
Renting also allows you to cover the needs of important occasions without having to be on the hook for equipment that you simply will not need after the emergency has ended.

Computer Rental Is The Smart Move During A Server Migration 

If your company is soon to be in the midst of a necessary but time consuming server migration from one office to another, it’s an excellent idea to plan ahead for the move by renting computers to cover the shortfall. This way, your office won’t be short of critical equipment during the time when servers are being removed and relocated. Renting temporary computers allows you to take care of important company business while still attending to every last detail of your moving arrangements.

Adding Up The Odds In Favor Of Renting A Computer

Adding Up The Odds In Favor Of Renting A Computer

When you seriously take the time to add up the odds, they will tend to come out in favor of renting computers to cover emergencies such as employee short staffing and server migrations. However, renting extra computers can also be a handy fix it move when dealing with situations such as employee orientation and training seminars.

You won’t always need to hire extra computers to train or retrain your employees. In some situations, such as training them on new techniques that involve using multiple applications that distract from the running of the programs on their present workstations, it may be a time saver to simply get them a temporary computer with which to teach them new skills and techniques on. In such situations, it’s good to have a full set of temporary equipment, such as extra rented computers, to fall back on in order to accomplish the task.