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Signs And Symptoms Of Video Game Addiction


Development of problem solving and creative thinking skills are major benefits of gaming. It is also one of the activities ensures you of maximum fun at a low cost. This explains why the young as well as the old spend hours playing and competing with their peers. On the flip side, gaming can be addictive. Being aware of the signs and symptoms will help you to avoid the grievous path. Read this article for insight.

Why Do Gamers Get Addicted?

The probability of getting addicted depends on several factors. To start with, it depends on the type of game. The design of a standard game may not draw you deeper into the activity. It requires that you play alone or with a few friends to get high scores. A few hours into playing, a sense of monotony and fatigue will set in. You may start to seek for a different activity. However, you still must be careful because some of the modern standard games designs will make you get lost into them.

A majority of gamers are addicted to games with multiple players online. The pressure to score higher than the thousands of people waiting on the other end births an addiction. It is easy to create a fictional character whose capacity to play is unmatched. With many relationships being built over time, it becomes daunting to concentrate on other activities. Also, the emotionally-disturbed and socially-isolated people are likely to get more addicted that other groups of people. On their part, psychologists and researchers affirm that the constant release of dopamine, a hormone associated with pleasure, causes the addiction.

Signs and Symptoms of Video Game Addition

To identify whether you are addicted to video games, a consideration of emotional or psychological and physical signs is vital.

Psychological Signs

These include:

  • Limited concentration to school work. If you are student, you will opt to spend hours on gaming as opposed to completing homework or other school work. Complaints from the teachers will increase because of poor grades.
  • High levels of irritability and frustrations. This will normally occur when you are unable to access to the activity. It is inclusive of moments when power interruptions or server issues take place. While everyone else seems to be patient, you will be at edge of your sit waiting for a sense of normalcy to return.
  • Depression and anxiety when you are away from the activity for many days.

  • Preoccupation with a game. If are often thinking about the last session or the next activity, there is a chance that you are addicted.
  • Good friends and family members may notice that you are spending a significant amount of time on gaming and will notify you. Just as it is the case with many addicts, your defense mechanism leads you to lie or deny the truth.
  • You may not want to socialize because it seems to be a waste of time. Instead, gaming becomes your only source of pleasure and fun. In any case, you feel guilty if you disappoint the online community of players.
  • Dreaming about the game. Everyone dreams about a range of aspects in their lives. It is, however, odd when gaming becomes the only recurring dream.
  • Calmness and peace when playing a game. An addicted person will be irritable, stressed, and even depressed until they are allowed to play a game.
  • Loss of interest in activities once enjoyed. For instance, if going out over weekends or in the evenings was your cup of tea, you will start to lose interest in it. Gaming becomes the only activity you want to engage in during your free time.
  • Changed perception of time. An addicted person does not notice time passing. They are completely soaked into the activity that they do not mind spending an entire day or night playing. They will, however, indicate that they only spent a few hours.
  • Feelings of guilt and regret after noticing how many hours have been spent gaming. It may not deter you from it but instead, you will try to justify or rationalize your choices.
  • It is daunting an addict to cease from gaming even when they try multiple times.

Physical Symptoms

As a video game addict, you will experience fatigue after sitting in one position for hours. The staring into the screen for long will cause eye strain and migraines. You eyes will be red and core in this case. If you are using a mouse, you may be diagnosed with carpal tunnel syndrome. It is associated with the compression or squeezing of major nerves in your hands. Major symptoms include numbness, tingling, and pain. Besides this, a gamer may have poor personal hygiene. It will in turn lead to susceptibility to infections.

Additionally, an addict does not see the need to prepare proper meals. Instead, fast foods become a part of diet. In combination with limited physical activities, there are higher chances of weight gain. Furthermore, you may not sleep well since more time is spent in gaming. General body functioning will be affected negatively because the cells are not repaired accordingly.

Financial Issues

Besides the physical and psychological signs of video game addictions, financial issues may also arise. A lot of money is spent paying for power and high-speed internet connections. The addict may not be productive enough to work and bring home a steady income. In some instances, the gamer resorts to the financially draining gambling.

At this point, it is critical to acknowledge that people who spend a lot of time gaming or who seem enthusiastic about it are not necessary addicted. A pattern of the symptoms described in this article must be established for proper diagnosis. A qualified psychologist must be involved in this process. They will recommend therapy, which allows the addict to take note of the negative effects and thus make steps towards recovery. Medication to solve issues such as insomnia, depression, and migraines is also offered.

All in all, identifying the signs and symptoms of video games addiction will help you to make better choices. For more information, go to https://www.ultimategamechair.com/best-gaming-chairs/