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Signs Your Social Media Strategy is Outdated


When it comes to social media, the strategy you use is the most important aspect of your social media success. The strategic elements of your social media appearance include implementation, analytics, but they also inform what and how you post as well as how much you engage and relate to your followers and audience. Since social media can be used for business, marketing and communication, alongside personal purposes, which strategy you use can determine your ability to target audience, consumers, customers, and followers.

Social media, however, changes from day to day, and sometimes it is hard to keep track of the novelties and trends. But, there are some significant terms and concepts changes that you should keep a track off. Therefore, we’ve decided to address all the outdated social media strategies and offer tips and tricks on how to improve and modernize your social media strategy and account.

Only Sharing Links and Images

Posting images and links can drive engagement, but it can quickly get boring, as the majority of social media users post links to their own content. Of course, as brand social media account owner, for example, you should be promoting the brand name and flaunt it all over the social media, but beware of boredom and interest loss. If the links and images you post only regard your own content, visitors and followers will probably unfollow and go for more interesting accounts. The fact that you’re using social media for advertising doesn’t mean you should only do that.

Here’s what to do instead:

  • Integrate video content into your marketing strategy and social media use
  • Create customized videos
  • Use amazing filters and effects to enhance the quality
  • Create content that stands out
  • Balance out the brand-owned links with general posts
  • Convince the audience your content is useful, not just promotional
  • Use unique content sources and links
  • Spark meaningful conversations among your followers by posting exciting content

Chasing Likes

For some reason, many regular social media users and business owners believe that the number of likes equals the quality of the content on social media. Of course, it is good to have many likes, as that encourages engagement and will push your account or page to grow faster. But, over the course of time, the number of likes becomes the most important thing, and the majority of people just don’t pay attention to quality anymore.

Chasing likes is the thing of yesterday, so here’s what to do instead:

  • Use social media to build a meaningful relationship and not just gain likes
  • Focus on getting the ‘real’ engagement from people who actually pay attention to your content
  • Avoid using Facebook likes generators or Instagram bots to replace real followers
  • Stop urging the growth of your account or page; real success takes time and dedication
  • Instead of chasing likes, focus on creating high-quality content by using a college essay writing service, for example

Going on A Following Spree To Gain Followers

We’ve all done this; going for hours on a mass following spree hoping that at least half of those people follow back. And truth to be told, a lot of accounts do follow back anyone who follows them, but this means nothing for their accounts in the long run. The future visitors can easily recognize this type of social media behavior due to the almost equal followers-to-following ratio, which immediately screams ‘low-effort content,’ and ‘trying too hard.’

So, instead of turning into one of those fake-appearing accounts, you can do this, according to SEJ:

  • Follow accounts that are legitimate and relevant to your business or personal preferences
  • Follow the trends and check what accounts do the influencer follow
  • Look for ‘Best people to follow on…’ lists, as they can provide excellent recommendations on who to follow according to your interests
  • Complete your profile; that will make it easier for you to show off and share your content
  • Stay active and engaged on social media in order to prove you’re not a bot
  • Post interesting news, trends, data and even your own opinions; let your followers get to know you
  • Know when and how much to post; stay regular but don’t overdo it
  • Use hashtags

Only Posting When Followers Are Online

It may only be logical to post your content when the majority of your followers are online, as they might see your posts, but there also may lie the problem. By merely obeying the ‘best time to post’ rule, you are more likely to become an ‘average’ account, as other account owners follow the same logic. Your post might not even be that visible in the sea of other posts unless it is outstanding and completely unique. If you want to gain a following and real-time engagement, here’s what you need to do:

  • Post during the earliest parts of the day, as those posts stay on the feed throughout the day
  • Posting earlier is more likely to enable a momentum for your posts and the account
  • Publish new and unique content; this will also make it stay longer on the feed
  • Make sure to keep track of the account’s activity throughout the day, and determine when your account receives the majority of attention
  • Once you’ve done that, make sure to post at that time as well to gain new followers as well

Only Posting Content For SEO

Search Engine Optimized content can be quite useful, mainly because it can be the deciding factor for a subscription, following or purchase. However, content on social media and blogs are written solely for search engine optimization are not there to yield any actual human consumption. SEO content is intended for search engines, and not your audience, customers and followers, according to Kruse Control Inc..

So, here’s how to tackle this issue:

  • Publish content that is intended for humans first, and then go through search engine optimization
  • Make sure to balance things between engaging content and SEO
  • Create your content freestyle, and then use plugins that can optimize your content for search in a more organic way