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Social Media: A New Marketing Strategy


The rise of social media is a phenomenon never seen in the past. The introduction of websites like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Instagram made the world smaller, and it connected billions of people around the world. Information can be transmitted in a short span of time, and several people are experiencing 15 minutes of fame because of the internet. Companies and brands have seen the rise of social networking sites as an opportunity for them to endorse their products, and because of the viral nature of posts, some companies are investing in the production of state of the art videos that would leave the viewers in a state of happiness, sadness, or shock. These campaigns are proven to be effective, as advertisements that convey strong emotions have a higher chance of being shared.

Companies and brands nowadays are using the power of social media for them to reach a bigger audience. One of the most successful examples of these is advertisements focusing on sports, banking and healthcare services, which makes companies and brands connecting with your audience. This is especially important in situations where it’s otherwise difficult to reach these individuals.

Take for example the social media presence of substance abuse treatment facilities. Centers such as Luminance drug treatment in Orange County recognize the need to be accessible to Facebook users in order to provide effective outreach. Individuals struggling with substance abuse are more likely to be on social media than actively visit the website of a treatment center. That kind of social media exposure has the potential to save a life, or perhaps several.

Another form of successful advertising that brands and companies in the United States are doing would be inciting shock among its viewers, be it in real life or a video. One of the examples of this would be a promotion for an upcoming sports event. People around the set were pranked, and they thought that it was real. It made a buzz, and later on that day, people are talking about it in multimedia. There was a separate video about the prank, and after it has undergone quick edits, it was also uploaded to YouTube, and it garnered millions of views.

The correct use of social networks would propel a company or a brand to new heights, in the quickest time possible, especially those who are focusing on sports, banking and healthcare. Hashtags are now being used to promote something, or to let something go trending around the globe. Companies and brands are aware of the advantages that they have if they managed to use the full potential of social networking websites. Their number one target these days would be increasing the awareness of their brand.

Once the public has been given an idea as to what the name or the product is all about, a domino effect would come right after. If the company or the brand decided to create a viral campaign which is viewed by millions of curious individuals, they would be able to buy the product to trust it for them or visit the website of these companies to check what they are offering. The traffic on the sites of companies and brands would soar high, and high engagement would mean more profit. Their search engine rank would also go up, as the brand becomes more popular. This is helpful because they will have the edge over their competitors when someone is using a search engine like Google to search for a particular product. Being the top result in a search engine would also mean colossal traffic, huge engagement, and massive profit.

Aside from the technical aspects of using social media, there would also be the human aspect. Websites like Facebook has created a dedicated page for people to like. There, everyone has the freedom to voice out their concerns or commendations, rate a business by their performance, and interact with everyone who shares the same interest in a product or brand. Because of these small groups of people staying together on a page waiting for updates and posts, the brand or company would be able to gain loyal followers. These followers would become a key in promoting the product to their friends and families. After all, word of mouth advertising is still the most reliable form of advertising in the world today. It would become beneficial to the brands and companies because they are being advertised for free, in exchange for quality goods and services.