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Someone Has The Domain You Want? Learn About Domain Backorder


There is nothing quite vexing than not being able to get the domain that you want for your website. You are excited to create your new website and start churning out content that you know people would love to see or read. But that domain name you have thought about for hours, you find out, is taken by some other website.

If this is your scenario at the moment, you have to know there might be a solution to your problem: domain backorder. This article explains what domain backorder is and how it works.

What is domain backorder?

One of the services domain registering sites are offering is domain backordering. This allows you to register a domain name that is about to expire. Think of it as getting dibs on the domain’s rights before someone else gets to it.

When you backorder the domain, it does not automatically become yours. What happens is a waiting period from the moment it expires up to its deletion. Normally, it takes about three hours for it to be deleted from the database so that it can be available for someone else. While the previous owner will not be able to renew their domain, but you will be able to purchase it when it finally becomes available.

How to know if a domain is about to expire?

Remember that you can only backorder domains that are about to expire. You can do this through a WHOIS search. On the empty field, type the domain name you want and press the search button. When the search is done, it will show you details about the domain such as when it was created and when it will expire should the current owner decide not to renew it.

You can choose to backorder domains that have existed many years ago or those which have only been created. So for instance, you came across a blog whose domain is to your liking, you can definitely do a backorder for it.

Note, though, that not all expired domains are allowed for backordering. These domains may involve some issues like trademarks and other disputes. It is also because it might be renewed soon.

What happens to the domain once it drops?

Once the domain drops, your domain registrar will attempt to get it for you so you can proceed with purchasing it. However, if there are 2 or more people who have backordered the same domain, then it will go to a private auction. Only the registrar who has successfully grabbed the dropped domain can hold the private auction.

The people who have backordered the domain will now bid on the domain. For this to work, you must know beforehand how much you are willing to spend on the domain if it reaches this point. If it is beyond the allotted budget, this is the only time that you should consider to let this one go and proceed with getting your next domain choice.

Domain backorders will allow you to get a chance at getting the domain name that you want for your website. No matter how long the waiting time is and how arduous the process may be, if you really want to get a specific domain, it will be worth it.