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Spyware For Android – Track Phone Location, Record Calls, SMS And More!


We describe the vast possibilities of spy app, the purposes of its installation, existing services and operation process. Start reading right now!

Armed and invisible

Which one of us doesn’t like action-packed movies about spies? It takes you breath when you see how protagonists are risking their lives. And technology which they use, its abilities and capabilities always enthralls. Gadgets, tracking any movement, leading to execution of the most insane order, all this makes an indelible impression and makes us look for something like this. So, is mission impossible? Or is it real?

Armed and invisible

Service advantages

A real way to monitor any action or spy on anyone without access to professional equipment is now a spy app for Android. This is the simplest option, which might come up at the same time the most effective one. Do you want to have access to phone calls, location of your children or relatives, to know what your employees do during their workday?  It’s very simple! It is enough to download Hoverwatch app for Android, staying invisible and imperceptible, you will be free to monitor all events you are interested in.

Why do millions of people around the world choose Hoverwatch software exactly? In order to understand why this app in such demand, it’s enough to get familiar with advantages that app offers.

So, what opportunities we get using Hoverwatch spy:

  • Downloading all incoming and outgoing calls through an online account.
  • Reading SMS messages that were sent, received, or even those that have already been removed.
  • Viewing all available contacts in the address book.
  • Tracking of all the places where device was located.
  • Controlling all sites that this device visited.
  • Even when SIM card is moved to another device the possibility of surveillance doesn’t disappear, as exactly the card number is tracked.
  • Monitoring of all the activities and events marked in device calendar.
  • Monitoring correspondence and files in social networks, such as WhatsApp and Facebook.
  • Every time when unblocking the phone front camera takes a picture.

And most importantly, no one can ever detect you, you’re completely invisible!

Service advantages

How to work with the app

In addition to surveillance process, such an application is simply irreplaceable in case of theft or loss of your smartphone. In case of your device’s theft, when SIM card is changed, you will find out the location and get a snapshot of the front camera, which will give a chance to return the lost thing.

It’s very simple to install application. It doesn’t require any special knowledge and skills. It’s enough to register with your email address, choose a password and create an account. Then, you need to download Free Phone Spy on a tablet or smartphone which you would like to monitor and go through the installation process. That’s all! And then, in time convenient for you, just view all the notes that have been recorded within a certain time span.