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Technology Advancements Connect Us With Ease and Comfort


Social media and advancements in technology have been simplifying our lives since it has been created. In the beginning, when we first came into our social media platforms, we all faltered around a bit to figure out how to make them work for us and for businesses. 

In the early stages, it was more of a connection platform. It was a wonderful way for family and friends to stay in touch with one another over greater distances. Sometimes we got caught up in our busy lives and find ourselves unable to dedicate a decent amount of time to a phone call to check-in. The creation of instant messaging simplified communication. It gave people a way to check in and then later hear back without the hassle of missed calls and dead zones.

Expansion With A Purpose

As apps and technology expanded, many existing businesses and new startup businesses saw the strategic marketing platform possibilities and seized the moment. They created useful technology that would slowly begin to integrate into our everyday life and expand its presence in our homes and offices. The establishment of Myspace and Twitter paved the way for social media giant Facebook to not only connect people with one another, but also to market ads and give a platform for small businesses to utilize the marketplace. 

Bloggers became more popular as the days ticked by. They were able to feature extensive information and provide links on their sites directly to other marketing sites and help influence the public to visit and shop at those sites. Apps didn’t just stop at connecting and communication. Instagram allowed users to photo share and Pinterest brought all kinds of inspiration and recipes right to our fingertips. As these apps were used every day more and more businesses realized they needed to jump on the bandwagon and have an app with a purpose to make utilizing their services even more efficient.

Welcome To Online Everything

Quickly, people were able to turn to their smart devices and perform online banking needs. This was quick and efficient. It made transferring money and checking balances effortless. The banks decided to take this process one step further and cut back on the arduous need to drive to the bank and deposit checks. Even though payroll checks are often directly deposited, personal checks and small business checks still needed to be deposited. Online deposits made banking effortless. 

Now, individuals and businesses could simply snap a picture of the check and have it deposited directly into their accounts. This saved time and cut back on the need for many brick and mortar banks. 

Investors were able to follow their stocks and their client’s stocks directly online. Many individuals have immersed themselves in online investments with establishments such as solar stocks because it has become simple to understand the market and invest with the easy in-app features. There are even apps established to help people that want to invest. These apps bring information to the forefront of new upcoming trends to invest in such as solar panels.

Run Your Home on Your Phone

Beyond banking, investments, and communication, we have also experienced a surge in app creations to make basic living more simplistic. Home security options link right back to your smart device. This allows you to monitor activity on your porch, backyard, and all around your property. While this app is extremely useful when you combine it with other smart apps and technology, you can literally deter potential burglars. Imagine you have the surveillance app but you also have an app that allows you to turn on lights within your home. At the moment you are at work and notice someone near your property that should not be, you can turn on the lights so it gives the impression that you are home. 

You can also control music and television to create noise within your home and then alert the proper authorities if the person is not deterred by these tactics. These apps are also wonderful if you have pets at home with anxiety. You can play calming music or as the day turns to evening, you can turn on a light to keep them comforted. 

If you work long days, you do not need to come home to a dark home anymore. You also can control your heating and air through technology and turn it on to your desired setting before you begin your commute. These apps have all been created to make us more comfortable in our homes and to connect us to our loved ones. Smart devices and apps are paving the way for comfortable living.