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The Best Old Space Games on PC 


Fantasy and medieval settings are trending features in video games. The overwhelming success of Witcher 3 and the Dark souls series created a stream of games about dark ages and noble chivalry. Each ps4 medieval game tried to copy this success. Some of them may even be called one of the best medieval video games. However, not only ps4 have its gems, but medieval games pc also have their fine projects. If you want to learn more about awesome medieval games, check out insider games. 

However, even the most ambitious medieval games may bore at some point. Good old space games may be a nice change of pace before saving another fantasy land from a global threat. There are decent games about space today as well. Yet, the time-proven classic earned that title not just like that. Here we present you with a list of the best old space games. 

System Shock 1&2 

System shock was quite a revelation back in the time. The series introduced an almost unprecedented realization of the immersive-sim genre. Besides, it showed an innovative type of storytelling in video games. The series gave us one of the best villains in the industry – the supercomputer named Shodan. It is an iconic representation of a vial AI that tries to end humanity at all costs. Both of the games take place in a closed space of isolated spaceships with maze-like interiors. This feature contributes to the pressing atmosphere. Another significant feature of the series is the real possibility for players to solve in-game tasks in various ways. A player may conquer enemies by raw firepower, try to avoid them, or lure them into traps. System Shock became an ultimate showdown between a human and the supreme AI. The game will soon have modern remakes, which will bring the original conception to the modern quality levels. The modern players will have a great chance to experience. 

Red Faction 

Red Faction is a gem of the retro gaming industry. The original Red Faction was released in 2001. The game takes place on distant Mars colonies. People fly to the red planet hoping to start a new life but find only misery. The player jumps into action when Martian miners start a riot. They try to free themselves from the terror of the Ultor company. 

The game is a first-person shooter set in industrialized Martian complexes and mines. The selling feature of Red Faction is physically accurate destruction of the surrounding. Back in 2001, it was a real breakthrough. Grenades’ explosions left holes in the ground. Rocket missiles could collapse the selling and bury enemies under the wreckage. Finally, if you see a closed door, you can always blow a nearby wall to create a path through. In general, Red Faction may seem a bit naive in terms of the plot and gameplay. Still, the game manages to hold attention and to entertain even 20 years after its release. 

Prey (2006) 

Prey is an unusual franchise. It received a remake in 2017 that tells a completely different story. The original Prey of 2006 is a kaleidoscope of events, characters, and locations. We play as Tommy, a native American. Aliens kidnapped him, his girlfriend, and their bar. Now, Tommy has to rescue himself and his woman from a gargantuan alien spacecraft. To do so, the protagonist has to reconnect with the spirits of his ancestors and fight tooth and nail. You may need a decent gaming keyboard for this task. Check out a razer cynosa chroma review for more details. Prey 2006 is an fps game covered in layers of surrealism. Regular guns look like bio-mechanical monstrosities. Aliens are not mere grey ones but repulsive creatures. The game twists the perspective and sense of direction of a player regularly. Prey may have rough edges, but its unorthodox sense of style won’t leave anyone indifferent. 

Jedi Academy 

Star Wars is a vast media franchise that includes various products: 

  • Movies
  • Novels
  • Comics
  • Cartoons
  • Video games

The stories from the galaxy far far away fascinate generations of people. One of such stories is the video game Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy. The game follows the regular tropes of the franchise. There are dark and light sides of the force, lightsabers, a сonspiracy to unravel, villains to defeat. Despite having some cliches in its structure, Jedi Academy manages to surprise and engage a player. The game closely connects its storytelling with gameplay progression. With the development of the character’s strength, the story became more mature, and stikes grow higher. The game changes scenery regularly. Also, it has a close connection between the narrative and the gameplay process. Players will visit not-so-lifeless deserts, busy megapolises, sky fortifications, and ancient temples. Jedi Academy uses the Star Wars set at maximum, and you may believe that the action takes place in a distant, space future. 

Jedi Academy may not rely on heavy scientific facts in terms of space exploration. However, it manages to bring a marvelous adventure in space. 

Dead Space 

Dead Space may be titled as good, old classics. Visceral Games released the game in 2008. We play as Isac Clark, an engineer who responds to an SOS-beacon from a giant, planet-destroyer ship. When Isac and his team arrive on the ship, they found themselves in a nightmarish disaster, and now they have to find a way out. Dead Space masterfully blends body and psychological horror. The game uses tropes from classic horror movies from the 80s and hard science fiction as a setting. Isac has to deal with various mechanical problems under stressful situations. The engineer has to act under zero gravity or monsters’ invasion. The game builds a believable surrounding and puts well-developed characters in it. In the end, we have an immersive horror that brings you an interactive experience in space, where no one can hear your scream. 

Bottom Line 

The exploration of space, both literal and artistic, is an ongoing process and this is affecting online casino industry as well and with darmowe gry hazardowe owoce you can enjoy it completely. We conquer new horizons daily and set new goals constantly. But, the memory of the good old days, and their victories, remain with us while we head towards the future.